jillian michaels’ 5 healthy school lunch ideas

healthy school lunch ideasback to school is upon us, and who better than jillian michaelsleading health & wellness expert, and mother of two, to dish healthy school lunch ideas that kids (and parents) will love.

our kids today live in a world full of sugary sweets and fat-packed foods.  it’s our job as parents to steer them in the right direction when it comes to healthier eating and making wise snack decisions.

  1. there are a lot of snacks out there that seem healthier, but still have hidden secrets about them.  for example, juice boxes may appear to be the better choice over soda, but they are still filled with so much sugar that it is just as bad.  looking at the calorie content is important, but it is just as crucial to look at how much trans-fat and sugar is included.
  2. i can’t stress enough how imperative it is to look at the ingredients list of the foods you are giving your children.  make sure the treat foods they eat are not laden with chemicals and poisons. for example, let your kids have popchips instead of potato chips fried in hydrogenated trans-fats. they are certified gluten free, kosher, and tastier than those fried chips anyway.
  3. let’s face it, kids love cookies.  instead of packing the usual unhealthy options with ingredients you can’t pronounce, go for an organic option that has no hydrogenated oils or trans fats and is even more tasty.

    momables™ shows busy parents how to make fresh school lunches in 10 minutes or less.
    momables™ shows busy parents how to make fresh school lunches in 10 minutes or less.
  4. if the only option at school is regular milk, pack a juice box size carton of either organic milk or coconut milk so that your kids aren’t taking in unnecessary hormones.
  5. i’ve said it before – there is nothing more terrible for you than those flavored fried tortilla chips we all grew up eating at the “big game.”  the things that are in those chips  make it like a cancer wafer!!  i’d choose the tortilla popchips over those fried nacho cheese or ranch flavored triangles any day.  they’re naturally delicious, air popped, and still packed with flavor that doesn’t leave you wondering about what you just consumed.

remember that it is important to give our kids positive reinforcement – we cannot make food items sound “off limits” or else they will only want to eat them more.  instead, we have to show them that healthy eating can also be delicious and that moderation is key.

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jillian michaels original popchipsabout jillian michaels:
jillian michaels is a bestselling author, daytime emmy nominated television personality, entrepreneur, and one of the nation’s leading health and wellness experts. perhaps considered one of the most inspiring people on television through her role as trainer, wellness expert and life coach on her hit tv shows and regular tv appearances, michaels has created a brand name for herself….and more!

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