popstar of the quarter

since the start, popchips’ co-founder and ceo keith belling has acknowledged the importance of generosity.  in fact, it’s one of 9 “principle’s of pop” that helps guide the organization and the team:  we are generous.

popchips in peruevery quarter, keith and the senior leadership team recognize outstanding employees by granting them the honorable “popstar award.” in our world of popped culture, it’s the equivalent of being knighted.  these employees have demonstrated outstanding performance, commitment and exemplified all 9 “principles of pop.”  in addition to the esteem of earning the coveted award, each popstar is granted $1,000 to give to the charity of their choice.

in this new featurette, we’ll give you a little sneak peek into our popped culture, as we highlight our top popstars, and their selected charities…

what’s your name and title? marssie versola, regional marketing manager northern california

what’s your favorite popchips flavor & what new flavor would you love to create? my favorite flavor is sweet potato. i’d love to create a cocoa dusted sweet potato popchips flavor.

what’s your personal snacking credo? keep it real.

where’s craziest place you’ve ever snacked, or want to? machu picchu.

what are your top three guilty pleasures? guacamole, salon quality hair products, and lululemon active wear.

which pop icon (alive or not) would you love to meet, greet & eat with? steve carrell or the dalai lama.

what superhero or cartoon character is most like you? or, which would you like to be? i’d be dori from finding nemo, but only for one week.

besides snacking, what do you like to do in your free time? running, bar method (new obsession), hiking, anything outdoors, finding new restaurants and frequenting local favorites, spending time with friends, cooking, learning new skills, traveling/exploring.

what charity are you donating to and why? last year at this time, i signed up with team in training, a program of the leukemia & lymphoma society, to train for my first half marathon. it was an enormous challenge mentally and physically, and to boot i committed to raise $3,900 for the cause. the entire experience was challenging and rewarding in ways i wouldn’t have dreamt of. since then, i’ve run 3 half marathons and a full marathon! oh, and on a whim, i participated in an olympic distance triathalon, something that would not have been even fathomable if i hadn’t been training with the run team.

popchips team in training

also, since my start with team in training, i’ve met incredible athletes who have fought and won the battle with blood cancer, and taken in story after story of heart wrenching and heart warming life moments from my teammates’ who’s lives have been affected by the disease.

what i’ve come to hold true is that the miles of running and physical exertion we push ourselves through is nothing compared to the battle these individuals have had to face: “cancer sucks more”. but one thing is clear – the leukemia & lymphoma society is impacting the quality of life and treatment for patients and their families in major ways. and, the research and programs that are directly funded by the money i raise is impacting the survival and hope for thousands of cancer patients, blood cancer and beyond. i am proud to be connected to an amazing organization.

this season, i am training for the nike women’s marathon in october. i am so grateful to be able to donate to such an important cause and organization.

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