what’s poppin at the film festival in toronto

festival season in toronto is cray-cray with deadlines, parties and very little sleep. while hollywood a-through-d-listers get to nosh on celeb chef creations, the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves. more often than not, we are left with the familiar hangry symptoms of irritability, shortness and bossiness. it happens, we get it. that’s why your friends at popchips are hooking you up with katy’s kettle corn in the tastemakers lounge at the toronto movie festival, september 4 – 8, to help you stay fueled and cheerful while you star-gaze.

popchips at toronto film festival 2013

popchips also teamed up with our friends at glacéau vitaminwater to bring you the ultimate film festival snack pack, so whether you’re awaiting brangelina’s arrival or watching the next big blockbuster hit – we got you covered! follow @popchipsCAN on twitter and instagram to find out how you can win a snack pack – delivered straight to your door!

popchips and vitaminwater snack pack

we know you’ve heard it before but we can’t send you something without some product info, right? perfect for when you’re looking for a source of sustained energy (avoid the dreaded nod-off during an oscar nom flick!) glacéau vitaminwater is a delicious and hydrating enhanced water beverage that can be enjoyed any time of day or night. when those hunger pangs really get to you, crack a bag of popchips; naturally delicious popped potato, tortilla and corn chips that are never fried (unhealthy) and never baked (undelicious). and with all the flavor and half the fat of fried chips, you don’t have to worry about wiping a greasy hand on the theatre seat again!

remember, the hangry ‘tude isn’t cute, so be sure to find us at the festival, and let us know if you need a refill.

popchips' tastemakers lounge in toronto

hungry for more? you can also snag our bags all week at the yorkville pusateri’s! and be sure to keep up with all that’s poppin’ in toronto (and beyond) by following @popchipsCAN on twitter and instagram!

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