say aloha to maui wowi’s new wingman

nothing is better than having that perfect wingman by your side.  the batman to your robin.  the goose to your maverick.  the smoothie to your popchips.  choosing a great wingman is no easy task.  your wingman has to compliment you, introduce you to their friends and do everything in his power to show your awesomeness to the world.  it takes that special partner in crime, right?  so when maui wowi chose popchips as their new wingman, we took our hand out of the bag and accepted.


a good wingman…. has to compliment you.  healthier snack options?  check.  gluten- free buddies?  check.  delicious, with no regrets?  check.

a good wingman… introduces you to their friends.  speaking of which, check out where you can find a popchips and our maui wowi wingmen in a city near you

a good wingman… gives “kimye” and “brangelina” a run for their money with a killer nickname for you two.

a good wingman…shares their snacks with you.  we are giving you the opportunity to win the ultimate wingman prize package from popchips and maui wowi.  here’s how:

click here to pick your perfect pair.  then, put a winning wingman name on it.  on december 2, the winning entry will receive a popchips and maui wowi prize package, with enough goodies for you to share with your wingman.

maui wowi prize package