let it snow…

oh, the weather outside is frightful, but our snacks are so delightful! and since san francisco doesn’t snow – we’ve decided to make our own! this holiday season, we have discovered the silver lining to a snow-less city…literally! whether you live in a winter wonderland or a tropical paradise, these DIY snowflakes, crafted from empty popchips bags, will surely add some festive flair to your holiday decorations. so let it pop!


you will need:

  • 1 share bag of popchips (we used original)
  • scissors
  • tape



1. snack on your popchips until the bag is empty.

2. cut along the seams of the bag to make one flat sheet.

3. cut six 5 inch x 5 inch squares out of the bag.

4. start with one square and fold it in half to create a triangle.

5. fold the two bottom corners together to make a smaller triangle (use tape if you need help holding the folds in place).

6. using the same bottom two corners, take one and fold it until the point lines up with the center of the triangle. repeat on the other side.

7. snip off the top with the two points to create a flat line.

8. now it’s time to get creative! cut into both sides of the triangle to create a snowy pattern.

9. unfold your snowflake and repeat with the other squares you cut earlier.


and don’t forget to share them with us too! pin, tweet, instagram and post your crafty creations using #popchips

3 thoughts on “let it snow…”

  1. odd weather has a tendency to follow me.. when I moved to SF in ’76, it snowed almost every year until I left in ’79/80.. there was snow across all of the bridges .. San Rafael, Sausalito, everything was white.. I think I’m like that peanuts charactor, bad weather overhead.. I moved from SF to Denver, 10 tornados touched down within one hour in town.. then about ’81, we had the worst snow storm they had ever had on record.. closed down Stapleton for the first time, closed Denver for almost 2 weeks, had to dig out cars, houses, trees,.. foothill snowstorm that basically buried Denver.. I moved to the San Juan Islands, and they got hit by a Frasier River storm out of Alaska.. -55 degrees, froze trees and they exploded, killed power for over 2 weeks, froze the salt water all the way around the islands plus all of the lakes.. so…. I moved to BattleGround (near Vancouver/Portland).. severe Ice storm.. need I say more.. left there a few years later and moved over here just north of Spokane about 19 miles.. snow was over 11′ deep the first winter, they called that a freak 100 year storm and said that would never happen n our life time again.. we got over 14′ the next year.. I guess that was the 200 year storm?.. and…. 1:15AM on August 21, 2009, lightning came through my bedroom ceiling, hit the ceiling fan and melted it .. blowing it all over the room, blew out the windows, blew out “every” piece of electronic gear in the house, … tv’s, telephones, alarm system, speakers, amps, computers, clocks, you name it, it was toast.. I was asleep, WAS that is.. on a water bed just about 3′ under that ceiling fan.. by the way, I had just finished the house that very day, finished the last door and went to bed.. fire in the walls took most of the house down that night.. each place I’ve moved, there was a threesome.. each one in its season.. now, if you want to see some, just come visit me if you need some.. decided to stay here and avoid any future riffs with the weather lord tho.. that last one was a little too close.. so.. that’s my story and I’m stick’n to it.. ps, I LOVE PoPchiPs…

  2. I love them too…but especially in the big bags, not the tiny ones that are a blot on the landscape and expensive when compared to the big bags. Are they available any more? They were at COSTCO for a long time.

  3. yes yes and yes.. CostCo doesn’t have any PoPchips presently, I’ve searched everywhere for a decent sized bag, finally at Winco I could get a 6oz bag.. then, one day shopping at BiMart, I stumbled across a huge bag.. 11oz.. “I’m in Heaven”.. I bought them all.. I have a stockade of 40 bags, 11oz each.. and I don’t let it get a whole lot lower.. just in case BiMart does what CostCo did.. ha.. I LOVE MY PoPchips…

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