pop of the mornin’ to ya!

it’s the weekend. st. patrick’s day is right around the corner and happy hour is calling your name. if you are anything like us, finding that perfect salty snack to go with your favorite craft beer gets your taste buds buzzing. our friends at arizona beer week took on the tough task of snacking and sipping to find the perfect popchips and craft brew pairings. here’s how to kick off your st. patrick’s day weekend by snacking responsibly!

original popchips with beer pairingpopchips original 
pair with: mudshark up river lager, four peaks sunbru, or omission

popchips’ original is a crunchy version craft beer’s lighter styles. mudshark up river lager and four peaks sunbru are obvious choices, however, most of your favorite beers will work well with this chip. since popchips have been certified gluten free, you might enjoy it with an omission lager or pale ale, specially crafted to remove the gluten. o-mission accomplished!

bbq popchips with beer pairing
popchips bbq
pair with: sleepy dog’s red rover, four peaks kiltlifter, or prescott brewing’s liquid amber

brown sugar and tomato are dominant in this chip followed by onion, garlic, spice and salt. sleepy dog’s red rover bring sweet caramel malts and finishes rich and sweet if one prefers to punch up the bold barbecue flavors. the dry finish of four peaks kiltlifter and the splash of hop bitterness in prescott brewing’s liquid amber provide a wash of the tomato revealing the spiciness of paprika.

sweet potato popchips with beer pairingpopchips sweet potato
pair with: mudshark full moon belgian style white ale or prescott brewing’s liquid amber.

sweet potato has a dry character if we’re using beer terminology. our favorite pairing was mudshark full moon belgian style white ale. at 8.5%, this white really benefited from the sweet potato which mellowed the slight burn of alcohol in this bigger beer. we also coaxed out notes of caramel and toffee in the chip when paired with prescott brewing’s liquid amber.

ssv popchips with beer pairingpopchips sea salt and vinegar. 
pair with: sierra nevada kellerweis, prescott brewing’s ponderosa ipa, sierra nevaga torpedo or four peaks hop knot.

there is nothing subtle about sea salt and vinegar chips and out tasters went in two different directions with this audacious snack. sierra nevada kellerweis normally restrained citrus marmalade tartness gets a kick in the mouth with each bite. we experienced a one two punch when we chose prescott brewing’s ponderosa ipa, sierra nevada torpedo and four peaks hop knot. hop bitterness jabs the tongue and holds the bracing acetic acids of the vinegar at bay until kaboom! the left hook from sourtown.

cheddar popchips with beer pairingpopchips cheddar potato.
pair with: deschutes black butte porter

“wow, i could eat these all day with this”, exclaimed one of our panelists. the beer was deschutes black butte porter. the creamy cheddar worked well with the porter’s distinct ashy toasted malts. we also enjoyed this chip with all of the ipas on our flight. sharp cheddar and hop bitterness were great companions.

sour cream and onion popchips with beer pairingpopchips sour cream and onion. 
pair with: widmer’s hopside down ipl or firestone walker’s union jack

while most hop-centric beer drinkers are familiar with the citrus and pine flavors from american hops, fewer are familiar with the garlic and onion character of hops like summit and columbus hops. sour cream and onion popchips worked nicely with the ipas in our flight. widmer’s hopside down ipl (india pale lager) and firestone walker’s union jack do not feature these oniony hops, but work nicely with the onion, garlic and buttermilk in the chips.

is it 5 o’clock yet?

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