dating. the popchips way.

if only dating were as easy as snacking. when you reach for a bag of popchips you know you are getting a delicious potato, tortilla, or veggie chip that is never fried. never baked. and half the fat of regular fried chips. you’ve found the perfect snack in your life, but finding the perfect person has proven a bit more difficult. here are some popchips dating tips that will not only keep you on top of your snacking game, but put you on top of your dating game.

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  1. it’s your first date. you’re getting ready and getting nervous. our advice? snack on a bag of popchips before heading out. the delicious flavor will satisfy your tastebuds and keep you focused on what your date is saying (and not on the dessert tray).
  2. planned a day date? pack a snack and make it a share bag of popchips. this will keep you from accidentally getting hangry at your date and give you the energy to take on whatever the day might throw at you. a boat ride on the lake? sure. a casual bike ride through the park? you’re on!
  3. you’ve met somebody you really like, but you want to know more about them grocery shop! if this potential match picks snacks that are fried and filled with fat and calories, you may have to consider if they are not taking care of themselves, maybe they won’t be able to take care of you. if they reach for popchips, they are obviously capable of making good decisions. and remember, life is too short to skip the snack aisle, so if they do, cut your loses and move on.
  4. you’ve invited your date over for dinner. set out some popchips and dip. not only will it keep your guest from starving if you accidentally burn dinner, but it will draw you out of the kitchen. extra points if you accidentally-on-purpose graze hands in the chip bowl. now that’s romantic.
  5. now it’s time to meet the parents. you want to make a good impression, without overstepping. our advice? never show up to a party empty-handed. a share bag of popchips is the perfect gift. it shows them that you enjoy snacking, can think creatively, and don’t need wine to have a good time.


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