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kart 4 kids brings smiles to hospitals nationwide

september is pediatric cancer awareness month! text “goal” to 609-454-8574 and help a child in your community.

go4thegoal is thrilled and honored to have popchips partnering with us on our new kart 4 kids program, which launches in hospitals across the country this september in honor of pediatric cancer awareness month.  the kart will be stocked with toys, gift cards, activities, and delicious, healthier snacks, staring popchips.

go for the goal

patients and their families will be welcome to take their choice of items off the kart that will help make their hospital stay a little more bearable and hopefully provide many hours of entertainment. with a mission to “put the fun back into snacking,” plus all of the delicious flavor and half the fat of fried chips, popchips are a perfect snack ‘pop’ a smile on everyone’s faces!

kart 4 kids with popchipsgo4thegoal’s unwavering objective is to help make the lives of children affected by cancer as normal as possible by providing financial support, developing and implementing unique hospital programs like the kart 4 kids, funding grants for innovative research, and granting personal wishes.  funds are raised through both individual donations and our many unique national campaigns, including national dress 4 pediatric cancer day®, lace-up 4 pediatric cancer®, and richard’s runs®.

to learn more about the go4thegoal foundation, and how you can help chip-in like popchips, please visit


about go4thegoal foundation: go4thegoal foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization founded in 2006 by dr. richard and beth stefanacci, soon after their oldest child was diagnosed with ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. 2012 was a very exciting year at go4thegoal foundation, whose two national campaigns, national dress 4 pediatric cancer day® and lace up 4 pediatric cancer®, gave hundreds of schools, businesses and sports teams an opportunity to raise awareness and much needed support for patients in their communities and earned go4thegoal the honor of “top rated non-profit of 2012″ by great nonprofits. go4thegoal provides children undergoing cancer treatment and their families with financial assistance, runs fun hospital-based programs, grants special wishes and supplies state-of-the-art electronic products to children and pediatric oncology units in over 70 hospitals across the country. since 2007, g4g has funded nearly $1,000,000.00 in innovative pediatric cancer research.

jillian michaels’ 5 healthy school lunch ideas

healthy school lunch ideasback to school is upon us, and who better than jillian michaelsleading health & wellness expert, and mother of two, to dish healthy school lunch ideas that kids (and parents) will love.

our kids today live in a world full of sugary sweets and fat-packed foods.  it’s our job as parents to steer them in the right direction when it comes to healthier eating and making wise snack decisions.

  1. there are a lot of snacks out there that seem healthier, but still have hidden secrets about them.  for example, juice boxes may appear to be the better choice over soda, but they are still filled with so much sugar that it is just as bad.  looking at the calorie content is important, but it is just as crucial to look at how much trans-fat and sugar is included.
  2. i can’t stress enough how imperative it is to look at the ingredients list of the foods you are giving your children.  make sure the treat foods they eat are not laden with chemicals and poisons. for example, let your kids have popchips instead of potato chips fried in hydrogenated trans-fats. they are certified gluten free, kosher, and tastier than those fried chips anyway.
  3. let’s face it, kids love cookies.  instead of packing the usual unhealthy options with ingredients you can’t pronounce, go for an organic option that has no hydrogenated oils or trans fats and is even more tasty.

    momables™ shows busy parents how to make fresh school lunches in 10 minutes or less.
    momables™ shows busy parents how to make fresh school lunches in 10 minutes or less.
  4. if the only option at school is regular milk, pack a juice box size carton of either organic milk or coconut milk so that your kids aren’t taking in unnecessary hormones.
  5. i’ve said it before – there is nothing more terrible for you than those flavored fried tortilla chips we all grew up eating at the “big game.”  the things that are in those chips  make it like a cancer wafer!!  i’d choose the tortilla popchips over those fried nacho cheese or ranch flavored triangles any day.  they’re naturally delicious, air popped, and still packed with flavor that doesn’t leave you wondering about what you just consumed.

remember that it is important to give our kids positive reinforcement – we cannot make food items sound “off limits” or else they will only want to eat them more.  instead, we have to show them that healthy eating can also be delicious and that moderation is key.

hungry for more? check out why students, parents, teachers and experts agree that popchips are the perfect snack to pack in your healthy school lunches…

ivillage’s “best crispy snack for kids” winner:  “my son loves chips — especially nacho chips. these are a healthier option than most and he can’t even tell the difference.” 

family circle’s “best snacks for kids” winner:  “i liked the crunchiness and they tasted great!”

momables™ school lunch makeover: “love that we can find a healthier alternative, not only for ourselves, but for our whole family. these little air popped chips would make a great occasional addition to any lunch box for any age.”

real simple’s “back-to-school survival guide” winner: “love the hint of caramel and zero grams of saturated fat in each bite.” 

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jillian michaels original popchipsabout jillian michaels:
jillian michaels is a bestselling author, daytime emmy nominated television personality, entrepreneur, and one of the nation’s leading health and wellness experts. perhaps considered one of the most inspiring people on television through her role as trainer, wellness expert and life coach on her hit tv shows and regular tv appearances, michaels has created a brand name for herself….and more!

big papi’s recipe challenge

big papi david ortizan all-star on the boston baseball field and in the kitchen, guest blogger david ortiz dishes his favorite chowder recipe, and invites fans to cook-off with big papi’s kitchen and popchips

what’s up, boston fans? big papi checking back in.  love the looks of the recipes already submitted using big papi’s kitchen and popchips! can’t wait to try them and meet the finalists behind them at our upcoming cook-off! (remember, you guys have until august 29 to enter your best recipe using big papi’s kitchen and popchips as ingredients, so get cooking!)

since nothing tastes better than a little friendly competition, i thought i’d add my own kick ass creation to the mix…

big papi's chicken corn chowderbig papi’s chicken corn chowder 


  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 cup finely chopped yellow onion
  • 1 ½  teaspoons ground cumin
  • ½ pound red bliss or yukon gold potatoes, cut into 1-inch cubes
  • 2 cups corn kernels
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 3 cups chopped or shredded rotisserie chicken
  • 1 cup big papi’s kitchen original fresh salsa
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • dash of kosher salt
  • 1 bag of nacho cheese tortilla popchips


  • heat the oven to 400ºf
  • in a large saucepan, heat the vegetable oil over medium.
  • add the 1 cup finely chopped onion, stir, until golden, for about 5 minutes.
  • add the cumin, stir, for another minute.
  • add the potatoes, corn & chicken broth.
  • bring to a boil & simmer for about 15 minutes until the potatoes are tender.
  • transfer 1½ cups of the mixture to a blender & blend until smooth.
  • place the mixture back to the saucepan.
  • add the chicken & salsa and cook until just heated through.
  • add salt & lime juice, to taste, & water to achieve a preferred consistency.
  • pour equally into 4 serving bowls.
  • garnish each portion with pieces of nacho cheese tortilla popchips (or use the chips for dipping).

think you can top this recipe? prove it! enter your best creation using big papi’s kitchen and popchips for a chance to cook-off live with me at the beautiful boston center for adult education (BCAE) in downtown boston next month! enter here.

grand prizes include an autographed big papi jersey, baseball, and a year’s supply of popchips. for the full scoop on the popchips and big papi’s kitchen cook-off, visit

popchips and big papi's kitchen cook-off

about big papi’s kitchen: growing up in the dominican republic, david ortiz was raised on the fresh, flavorful tastes of latin cuisine. in his new home of boston, david remains loyal to his latin roots, and the memories of his native dominican republic. upon a visit to a local hannaford, david sampled the sisters salsa brand and knew, with the taste as fresh and flavorful as the cuisine of his upbringing, that he wanted to create his own fresh salsa line. david went to his marketing team, and upon reaching out, found sisters salsa was as passionate about david ortiz as david was about their product.  a natural relationship began, and with the help of sisters salsa and a team of culinary experts, a new line of big papi’s kitchen was born.

ketchup popchips: a new twist on a canadian classic

ketchup popchips theresa albertwhen i was a kid, we used to go camping and my mom would pack one bag of plain chips, which i hated, they just don’t taste like anything. my sisters and i, ever the explorers, would find the condiments and use them as dips to make the chips tastier. we experimented with vinegar, mustard and ketchup.

i don’t eat chips anymore, too fatty, and i certainly wouldn’t dip them in ketchup! i have a gourmet reputation to uphold.  so imagine how excited i was to discover that my favourite chips, popchips, has created their own version of a canadian delicacy – ketchup flavoured chips! all the taste of sweet tangy ketchup chips, no embarrassing ketchup dipping.

just like all other popchips, ketchup popchips are made with only the highest quality ingredients and have less than half the fat of fried chips making them the  healthier snack option. this tasty new flavour has only 100 calories per single-serving bag and contains no preservatives, trans fats, fake colors or fake flavours.

we did discover one cold winter morning that they go well with  a glass of port by the fireplace.  some camping habits never change.

theresa alberttheresa is a freelance food, health, weight loss and cooking expert who appears on the cbc’ steven and chris daily lifestyle show which airs internationally and a variety of news outlets. most recently she was on ctv newschannel making sense of health news as well as cbc the national. you will find her tweeting at, pinning at www.pinterest/ and on facebook at her weekly column in the widely circulated metro newspaper as well at at her huffington post blog are informative and user friendly.

hungry for more? follow @popchipsto on twitter for exclusive deals, contest and prizes. 

tips to satisfy your ‘snack tooth’

maria thomas popsguest blogger: vancouver dietitian maria thomas dishes expert tips to satisfy your mid-day snack cravings 

it’s two hours after lunch and you have that feeling in your stomach…you’re hungry, but it’s not quite dinner time! there are tons of healthier options to help fight that mid-afternoon snack craving that still taste great! lucky for you, i’m here to help! mid-afternoon snacking doesn’t have to ruin your day. in fact, if done right, it can set you up to eat less at dinner and go to bed without feeling stuffed. here are some of my top tips to help guide your afternoon snacking on a fun and successful path:

why should we snack? (besides the fact that snacking is fun!) i’m a huge fan of snacks. i had a client tell me once that when they wait too long to eat, they enter a mood that they affectionately termed “hangry” = hungry + angry.

i could relate because this same thing happens to me when i get so busy and caught up working that  before i know it, i look at my watch, and its 2pm and i’m famished.  so, in addition to helping curb appetite, stabilize metabolism so your body is better at burning calories and of course fat, it can also help keep you from getting “hangry”

what mid-afternoon snacks do you love? when i’m working from home i like a small handful of nuts and a piece of fruit, or a piece of toast with peanut butter, or sliced peppers and celery with hummus.

when i’m at the office my go-to snacks are a lara bar or a banana or apple (because they travel pretty easily) and some pumpkin seeds. if i’m there all day, i’ll throw in some greek yogurt!

what is a good snack for the always-on-the-go? i’m a fan of fresh fruit or a healthy granola! the trick is to find one that is higher in both protein and fibre and then you’ve hit the jackpot! it will be ketchup popchipsperfect for helping curb appetite and keeping cravings at bay.

when i’m out and about running errands and need something fast, i don`t necessarily want to buy a box of granola bars from a grocery store, and buying yogurt requires that i also have a spoon, plus a spot to sit and eat it. trust me- eating yogurt while driving is pretty much out of the question (yes, i’m saying this from experience!)

this is when you might be tempted to grab a bag of chips, but don`t succumb to a bag of full fat, deep-fried potato chips with 400+ calories with and enough sodium to blow your daily limit two fold, not to mention the extra hour you’ll have to workout on the treadmill to burn it off.  this is when grabbing something like a single-serve bag of popchips is perfect (and you must try their yummy new ketchup popchips)! a small bag only has about 100 calories, and you’ll recognize everything in the list of ingredients!

what if i can’t tell if i’m hungry or just bored? what do i do!  so often we eat for reasons other than being actually hungry. if you can’t tell if you’re actually hungry or bored, before you grab something from the fridge, local cafe or the vending machine, wait a few minutes. a trick is to focus your energy and attention on something else for 5 minutes – whether that is sending an email or going to speak with a colleague or going for a 5 minute walk. basically, give yourself a 5 minute distraction. if that little distraction takes your mind off the food and you forget about it, it wasn’t hunger! another tip, is if you are thirsty, you may actually think you are hungry, when you are not.  before reaching for a bite, have a few sips of water-that might be all it takes to curb those cravings.

what’s one snack you must have in the pantry at all times? one snack i must have in the pantry is popcorn. it’s easy, fast and actually whole grain! i recently had popcorn with black pepper on it-to my surprise it was so yummy!

hungry for more?  click here to get maria’s free snack list “10 healthy snacks to curb your cravings!”

why maria thomas pops: whether on camera or behind the scenes for hit tv shows the last 10 pounds bootcamp, bulging brides, village on a diet, entertainment tonight canada or the steven and chris show, or working with clients helping them achieve their health and wellness goals, vancouver-based registered dietitian maria thomas, owner of, a 4 week online weight loss and heart health program, and is fast becoming recognized as one of canada’s leading health experts. follow her on twitter @marianutrition and facebook at for awesome nutrition tips!

canadian popchips flavours

fall in love at first bite with jessica sutta

guest blogger: jessica sutta, dance artist and international popstar

***jessica’s valentine’s day giveaway: tweet this for a chance to win a snack pack of canada’s new ketchup popchips!***

jessica sutta popsi know there is a crowd of you out there who are anti-valentine’s day. luckily i, jessica sutta, am here to talk to not only you romantics, but also the anti-valentine’s day team! i think that people often look over valentine’s day because they have forgotten that it is about more than roses and being in a relationship, it’s really about love.

there are so many things to love in this life, so many things to be thankful for and so many wonderful people that need reminding that they too are loved (not just those significant others!). to help in this love deficit, i’ve thought of my favorite things and ideas to help share the love.

all of you team-anti valentine’s will love this…

  • treating myself!  i like to get a good mani/pedi, sneak in an extra nap, take time to  do some yoga and stretch out a little more before a long week of dancing.  taking time for yourself is jessica sutta_ popchips ketchup 02important, you can’t love someone else until you love yourself!
  • “they call it puppy love.” the love of my life, star lit sutta @iamstarsutta – star is my loyal and loving pomeranian  she keeps me company on tour when i’m lonely, snuggles her little head under my chin in the morning and falls in love with everyone she meets. she’s so sweet , i can’t even be mad that she just ate my entire snack bag of pop chips while i wasn’t paying attention writing this blog! thank goodness they are healthy! (true story!) weather you’re alone or with someone, show your pet some love, or spread some serious love and adopt a new pet!  lots of animals need love too!

when it comes to love, the beatles said it simply and best: “all you need is love” – that’s the key to a happy life, loving yourself , loving others and allowing yourself to be loved!

for those of you who want to shower their loved ones with gifts….

  • these days it seems that people forget to send a little something to all their friends on the day of love.  i like to send something unique and thoughtful so instead of sending them sticky candy to ruin their healthy day i’ll be sending them new ketchup popchips…red with love, and guilt-free snacks. i could eat these all day and with ketchup popchips,  now we can all snack without regret!

for all of my bffs…

  • growing up a florida girl and now calling los angeles home, it’s no surprise that i love the beach. spending time with friends is the best way to laugh and remind each other how important being thankful and loving life is. so if you are on team anti-valentine’s day, grab your buddies and head to the beach (or the park) for some sunshine and silliness. (hey, a bag of ketchup popchips does well in the picnic basket too, the girls will love you for the guilt-free snack!) tip: if you like things extra spicy, like me put some hot sauce on these guys!

valentine’s day may be love’s yearly day in the spotlight, but it’s those who love and say thank you every day that are happiest. if you are on team valentine’s day, give the person you love lots of ketchup_instagram_600x600_3attention for sure! but no matter where you stand, or what day of the year it is, remember to love what you have, love your body (and treat it right by eating healthier!) and send love to all those people who brighten your day! now you know my secret of how to live a happy life love, good friends, good music and great snacks!

win ketchup popchips: now i wanna spread the love to all of you! wanna be my valentine? i’ll be giving away snack packs of canada’s new ketchup popchips! so “show me love,” sutta style, and tweet me a valentine for a chance to win!


put some super in your bowl

guest blogger: manuel villacorta, nationally recognized registered dietitian & owner of mv nutrition center in san francisco

tortilla.championchipfootball sunday has become a sacred day in america, and is often welcomed with nearly as much food as thanksgiving.  you can easily pack over 2,200 calories on snacks alone! with all the days excitement and activity it is easy to over consume and let your inhibitions down. here are some practical tips to help you enjoy football’s biggest day without making your waistline grow!

am i going to tell you to stop eating? no! we are going to focus on harm reduction. promote less harm by including these types of snacks for the big game:

say hola tortilla and adios guilt. the u.s. calorie control council estimates that americans pack tortilla salsaaway 11 million pounds of chips during sunday’s big game. replace your traditional fried tortilla chips with tortilla popchips. this simple switch will reduce your calorie and fat intake without sacrificing the flavor.

meet your newest salsa partner:  volume is key to a game changing guacamole. try adding pico de gallo salsa (fresh tomatoes, onions, and cilantro) and add it to your guacamole. the result will be ranch tortilla popchips a hearty and delicious dip that is lower in calories and fat. pair with salsa tortilla popchips.

the coolest cream of the crunch: switch up your ranch wing dip. chicken wings are always hot item on the menu, but it’s easy to overdo it with the high fat dressings and dips.  get cool by making an alternative dip full of flavor and low in fat. mix 1 cup greek yogurt with 2 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. nacho cheese tortilla popchipsolive oil, and 1-2 tbsp. fresh dill (or herb of your choice).  pair with ranch tortilla popchips.

a nacho above the rest: add this cilantro bean dip to your party spread; or spread it on top of chips to create a super nacho platter.  it is simple and sure to be a hit! blend 2 cans tortilla popchips black bean dipof drained black beans, 3 tbsp. black bean juice from can, 2 tbsp. lime juice, 2 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp. cilantro paste, and a pinch of salt. pair with nacho tortilla popchips.

new tortilla popchips are available at your local mollie stone’s market.  head over to to find out how you can win a popchips snack pack for the big game!


manuel villacortawhy manuel pops: manuel villacorta is a nationally recognized registered dietitian owner of, mv nutrition, an award winning nutrition center in san francisco. he is the creator and author of eating free: the carb friendly way to lose inches. he is a health contributor for huffington post, fox news latino and univison.

eating freemy nutrition

stress-free energy for 2013

lisa dorfmanguest blogger: lisa dorfman, ms, rd, cssd, lmhc—performance nutritionist

the new year is all about resolutions—solutions to unresolved dietary detours you’ve taken in the past which has kept you from reaching your personal best in health, sport and life. one resolution echoed by millions of men and women from year to year is to manage the stress in their lives.

energy = less stress. in my 5th book, performance nutrition for tackling stress (momentum media 2013) i stress the value of getting enough carb fuel to survive the “hurdles of everyday life”! carbohydrates, also known as sugars, are the easiest form of fuel your body can use for a quick energy source. easy energy means less stress for your body—for digestion, metabolism and storage. regardless of the negative propaganda you hear from low carb diet advocates, your brain, nerve cells, and muscles can’t thrive without a daily dose of carbs!

complex carbohydrates. 99% of the carbs you find in popchips are best for stress-free energy.  complex carbs provide a slow, steady energy source to last you longer than simple carbs which are mostly sugars. fiber found in many of the complex carbs like 100% whole grains, vegetable and fruits, brown rice, beans and peas contribute to the slow speed of digestion. complex carbs are gluten-free popchipsstored in the muscles and liver, called glycogen and can be used for energy now and in the long run. the world health organization (who), a branch of the united nations, and most health guidelines recommend that almost everyone can benefit by eating the majority of your calories, at least 50% from a rich complex carbohydrate diet.

gluten free = stress free. gluten is the protein found in wheat products like pasta, cereals, crackers, cookies and cakes but can also include foods that have wheat like marinades, cheese sauce, vitamins and even snack foods like pretzels. if you can’t eat whole grains from wheat you’re not alone. gluten intolerance affects 1 in every 133 men and women in the us. it may be caused by hereditary factors, and triggered by stress, surgery or infections. those who are gluten sensitive have “stressful” side effects like diarrhea, bloating, weight loss, anemia, chronic fatigue, weakness, bone pain, and muscle cramps when they eat foods with gluten. fortunately, snacks like popchips are also gluten free!

getting a dose of daily carbs also keeps your blood sugars in check. when you’re stressed you need more carb energy to fight or flight the stress. your body rushes carbs to the muscles so you popchips nutrition factscan deal with the stress. the challenge is that during stress your body shuts down the gut to accommodate the extraordinary energy needs of the rest of your body. if you lose your appetite or forget to eat, you’ll hit an energy deficit & crash! that’s why a single serving of popchips provides just the amount of energy and electrolytes like sodium and potassium to keep your muscles moving until you’ll have time to sit & enjoy a home cooked meal once again.

so this new year, resolve to fuel with stress free energy and enjoy happy, healthy and peaceful times with your loved ones, families and friends.

hungry for more from the sunshine state? follow @popchipsFL and find popchips at your local target, whole foods, publix and fresh market.

lisa dorfman, ms, rd, cssd, lmhc, known nationally as “the running nutritionist®” is director of the graduate program in nutrition in the department of kinesiology & sports sciences at the university of miami, & personal nutritionist to olympian, elite & professional athletes worldwide. a former pro triathlete & competitor in over 34 marathons (pr 2:52:32), ironman usa, & hundreds of multisport races including the 2004 long distance duathlon world championships for team usa, lisa has been featured on dateline, 20/20, cnn, espn, fox, msnbc, designing spaces, e & local & international news & appears in dozens of publications monthly as a health expert. lisa’s programs & five books including her latest performance nutrition for tackling stress (momentum media, 2013) is available worldwide at, & along with delicious recipes, restaurant reviews & cutting edge info on food, fitness & enhancing overall health.