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tortilla pop art

guest blogger: @popchipsSeattle popstar, shannon s., shares the scoop on the ‘weirdo’ making the seattle street scene pop! 

take your hand outta that tortilla popchips bag, and say ‘hola’ to local seattle street artist, jeff ‘weirdo’ jacobsen, whom we worked with to design pop art like you’ve never seen before!

weirdo specializes in street-art graffiti and has created many popular wall spaces in seattle and across the nation. we immediately felt draw to the synergies between our snackers and the youthful and “cool” correlation of his art.  his inspiration for the project came from the freedom he had to create something unique;  and as a big fan of popchips it was easy for him to be inspired by the personality and culture of our brand.

tortilla pop art - before

tortilla pop art

weirdo created his pieces out in the beautiful surroundings of the pacfic northwest. this was important for him to directly contrast the typical urban environment that you would usually see this type of art. it’s exciting to take his work out of context to get people talking about the art and truly excited about the piece.

tortilla pop art

weirdo thought that this project was particularly fun because of the involvement with his good friend and fellow snacker, chris word, who captured the creation on film to help bring it to life!

tortilla pop art

jeff 'weirdo' jacobsento see weirdo’s pieces in the flesh, follow @popchipsseattle on twitter to see where we’ll be popping up next! and be sure to check out weirdo’s amazing work at

don’t let your eyes do all the feasting…pick up some new tortilla popchips at your local walgreens!

my tour of popchips

guest blogger: ashley pettit, nutritionist, fitness chef, personal trainer.

ashley pettit at popchipsbeing a nutritionist, recommending commercial products can be tough, so when i invited to make the trek from the midwest to the los angeles based popchips facility to take a tour and learn how my favorite snack chip is made, i jumped at the chance.  being able to peek behind the curtain and see just how your food is made can make the difference between being a product advocate or an opponent.

wearing my mandated, but adorable white smock (like a lab coat for good chip makers,) hairnet, safety glasses, and gloves, i was ready to walk through the step-by-step process of air-popping these multi-flavored potato and tortilla chips.

first up, we saw the popping in action on their multi-dimensional potato and tortilla chip “popper”  that delivers tons of pressure to make the airy taste and texture you get from the product. there’s no oil used in the popping process, all that’s added is a little bit of all-natural safflower and/or sunflower oil into the flavorful blend of seasonings at the end. then, we were able to taste the freshly popped chips and watch the in-depth quality control process.

the quality control is fantastic to see — handpicking the broken chips, the “ugly” duckling chips that just don’t look good enough for your bag, and taste testing to make sure the flavoring is well rounded — they stop at nothing to make sure you get the best product possible.

popchips' operations teamhowever, the employee culture and happiness of the workers was what made me walk away with an even bigger smile on my face. (well, that and the massive box of chips of all flavors we walked away with!)

the way you make something truly dictates its taste and quality as a food.  when it comes to popchips, i am able to say i am 100% confident that they are made in a naturally delicious, first-rate way to give you a flavorful, light snack.

one bag, 100 calories, air-popped (not baked nor fried)-these little suckers definitely mean more to me now! stock up your refrigerator and try some ashley pettit living dips with your favorite popchips flavor!

ashley pettit headshotashley w. pettit is a nutrition and physical fitness expert.  she received her ba degree in english and journalism from miami university in oxford, ohio, and attained her master’s degree in holistic nutrition (mshn) from clayton college of natural health.   she is a certified nutrition coach (cnc), licensed through venice nutrition, a certified wellness & nutrition consultant (cwnc), a certified fitness chef (cfc) and a certified metabolic typing advisor (cmta).   

eating well at holiday parties

guest blogger: jennifer shea rawn ms, mph, rd shaw’s and star market health and nutrition expert

'tis the season to be snackingwith all the holiday cheer and festive comfort food abounding this season, it’s easy to let your healthy lifestyle slip. but…hold on, not so fast! those of you who want to keep your svelte waistline through the holidays without much sacrifice, read on. for the rest of you, we’ll chat in january.

here are some easy tips to help you stick to your goals while still enjoying the great holiday parties:

  • eat. before you arrive at the party. enjoy a handful of nuts, cup of soup or carrots and hummus before you arrive to lessen the likelihood of overindulging. arrive at the party starving and all self-constraint bets are off.
  • alternate the booze. if you will be having more than 1 alcoholic drink, alternate 1 drink of alcohol with 1 glass of sparkling seltzer water. the result will be fewer calories consumed and a happier you in the morning. and, as always, drink responsibly.
  • hang out by the crunch. instead of chatting near the chicken wings, pigs in a blanket and swedish meatballs, hang out by the veggie crudite platter. better yet, offer to bring that to the party and choose your favorite veggies and popchips to circle a hummus or greek yogurt dip.   all your veggie, popchips, hummus and greek yogurt dip needs are available at your neighborhood shaw’s and star market.
  • there is room for indulgence! just remember, a minute on your lips…well, you know the rest. fill your plate mainly with lower-calorie vegetables and lean protein. then enjoy small “tastes” of more indulgent dishes.
  • one bite rule. choose only your favorite dessert but go small in your portion size and savor every bite. and follow the one bite rule – if the first bite doesn’t taste good, neither will the 2nd…or the 10th.
  • family and friends trump food. focus on the people more than the food. since you didn’t arrive starving to the party, i’m assuming you can handle this part.
  • sweat. not at the party, but the next day. get in a low-key workout in and sweat. go for a walk outside or a bundle-up winter hike. the fresh new england air will work wonders for your post holiday party drag. plus you’ll burn off some of the extra bites you took last night.

happy holidays! and cheers to a healthy, happy 2013.

jenny sheajennifer shea rawn ms, mph, rd is a leading health and nutrition communications expert and registered dietitian. rawn is a member of the academy of nutrition and dietetics, the rhode island dietetic association and the food and culinary dietitians practice group. in 2009, jennifer was awarded the women of influence in the food industry award by the griffin report of food marketing. rawn’s passion for health and wellness has led her to positions as media expert, health and nutrition expert, public speaker and consultant. jennifer is currently the retail east dietitian for supervalu where she covers the supermarket chains of shaw’s and star market, farm fresh, shoppers and acme markets on the east coast. 

find more tips from jenny on eating well on the shaw’s facebook page, and follow jenny on twitter @jennyshea and pinterest @jennyeshea.

shaw's and star market

loulou’s leading lady talks taste

guest blog: vancouver popstar, arpen t., shares her exclusive interview with julia cyboran, editor-in-chief of loulou magazine

last week at the loulou shop till you drop event in vancouver, we had a chance to catch up with julia cyboran, editor-in-chief of loulou magazine. check out what julia had to say about style and snacking…

popchips: what are the top 5 style trends to watch out for fall?

julia cybroran (jc) : my absolute top 5 choices are:

  1. embellishment trend. items with embellishments such as studs/diamonds can be great additions to your everyday office look! embellishments can spice up any simple outfit often found on collars, a great substitute for accessories!
  2. leather: from belts to jackets and shirts, any sort of leather accent is a hot trend!
  3. equestrian: this country-side look is in for the fall. whether its boots, tights or collared blouses, the country-side inspired look is romantic and polished.
  4. black & white:  these staple colors combined are super sleek are in for the season!
  5. knitwear: if there if one thing you should invest in, it should be a knit scarf! not only are they uber stylish, but for us gals up in canada, this is the perfect way to stay warm while staying stylish!

popchips: describe your personal style in 3 words.

jc:  i’d say trendy, classic, and edgy!

popchips: who is your favorite canadian fashion designer?

jc: i’m originally from montreal and i love one of my hometown designers by the name of valerie dumaine.

popchips: which popchips flavor are you currently loving?

jc: i first discovered popchips at new york fashion week a few years ago. all of the models were snacking on them. i’ve always been a fan of the original popchips!

about loulou magazine and launched in 2004, loulou is canada’s source for shopping and celebrity-style inspiration. packed with expert advice, amazing deals and unique finds, loulou delivers the hottest fashion, beauty and lifestyle buys on the canadian market—with complete purchasing information for every item featured. with editions in english and french, loulou is the perfect accessory for canadian shoppers coast-to-coast. for further information about loulou magazine, visit loulou is published by rogers publishing limited, a division of rogers media inc.

about julia cyboran, loulou editor-in-chief: julia is an accomplished editor with over a decade of experience in publishing. she is passionate about fashion and beauty, and about bringing readers the highest quality content.  she is a trained journalist and a graduate of concordia university’s prestigious department of journalism. before moving into magazines, julia did stints at the cbc and the canadian bureau of the wall street journal. prior to joining the loulou team, julia was english editor at the short-lived shelter magazine chocolat. she came onboard at loulou in 2007 as web content director and was promoted to multi-platform editor-in-chief in 2010. this self-confessed fashionista/geek brings her savvy take on fashion and beauty to the pages of the magazine, the website… and now the ipad.

back to school lunchbox ideas

guest blogger: azmina govindji rd, consultant nutritionist & award-winning dietitian

hi, i’m azmina and i’ve been popping for the last few months in my role as the uk nutritionist for popchips. my work is very varied  – i could be conjuring up culinary delights using the latest herbs and spices one day, talking to a journalist about some crazy fad diet the next, and then i might be off on a plane to speak at an international health conference.

for me it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle while i cope with all the pressures of work and family life (i have two kids, run my own business and lead a global nutrition website committee in my spare time…).

i believe there’s a place for every food and that you can enjoy the tastiest snacks as part of a healthy balanced routine, no matter how busy you are. this month, i’m concentrating on school lunches.

lunchtime is an opportunity to give your kids an energy boosting and healthy meal that will keep them going till they get home. one of the best ways to start children off with a balanced attitude to food is to involve them in the shopping experience and in the preparation of their meals.

here are a few basics for healthier lunchboxes:

  1. let’s start with the carbs. ask your child to choose from a variety of breads – like wholegrain, granary, or white breads enriched with fibre or seeds.
  2. then think about a protein for the filling – try eggs, low fat soft cheese, turkey or chicken breast slices, canned tuna or salmon.
  3. ensure you make the most of the juicy and colourful fruits and veggies on offer. you could pop a few seedless grapes or a chunk of cucumber into their lunch box. mix some sweet corn with a tuna sandwich filling.
  4. a lunchbox that only has super-healthy foods in it risks being too boring to be eaten, so when you’ve got the basis of your lunchbox right, you could on occasions include a lower calorie treat, like popchips or a couple of jaffa cakes.
  5. remember that fluid is needed to avoid dehydration and it can help your child to concentrate at school. so add some water, diluted squash or a small serving of unsweetened fruit juice.
  6. add a portion of dairy food. this can be a slice of cheese about the size of a small matchbox, or a pot of yogurt. dairy foods provide calcium, which is especially important for children because it helps them to grow strong bones. choose lower fat varieties to help cut down on saturated fats.

taking a little time to plan and prepare those lunchboxes could help your child focus at school and be less tired at the end of the day. until next time…happy popping!

azmina  is a mum with a passion for good food, fun and friendship. underneath that softer side lies a busy professional – she’s an award-winning registered dietitian and nutritionist, known in the uk for her no-nonsense simple tips and realistic outlook on healthy lifestyles. she is a national media spokesperson for the british dietetic association (so the press like her) and was itv’s this morning nutritionist from 2006 to 2007 and has appeared on bbc’s the one show, watchdog and the wright stuff: she now works as a consultant nutritionist to itv’s lorraine show and as an expert for various food companies and organisations.azmina has written over a dozen books including the best-selling gi plan, the hot body plan, diabetes uk’s the diabetes weight loss diet, and weight watcher’s millennium cookbook. her lively personality and down-to-earth approach help her to communicate scientific dietary principles using everyday practical language. she believes that healthy food can be tasty and is on a mission to help spread this philosophy. find azmina here: facebook, twitter, website.

skate for prostate

chipping in to skate for prostate.

guest blogger: keith wegen.  cancer survivor.  community leader. fundraising fanatic.  popchips snacker.

at the age of 44 years old i was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

i elected to have surgery in november of 2011.  due to complications after, i spent 19 days in the hospital battling 3 serious infections.  i had plenty of downtime to reflect on life and what i wanted to do when i fully recovered.  i felt called to make a difference by raising awareness and funds for the early detection of prostate cancer.

i am a very active individual and have been inline skating for 17 years.  in fact, just two days after my prostate cancer diagnosis, i went on my longest skating trek ever, a 60-mile skate from boulder to greeley, co.  i had been planning it for months and wasn’t about to let cancer stop me from doing what i love.

when training for these types of treks, an excellent diet is critical to my success.  lately i’ve been finding myself reaching for a bag of popchips, a wonderful snack that actually tastes delicious too! i was attracted to popchips because an excellent diet will be critical to my success.  popchips is a perfect partner because i can enjoy a tasty snack that’s better for me and continue to optimize my body fat and muscles for the 395-mile skate.

clearly i have a passion for inline skating and now a new intensity for helping others afflicted with this same disease. therefore, my goal for 2012 is to combine these two passions and raise at least $10,000 for the prostate conditions education council (pcec), based in centennial, co.  september is prostate cancer awareness month, so on september 7th i plan to start at the wyoming border and inline skate to the oklahoma border, arriving on or about september 13th, 2012.

follow @popchipsco to keep up with keith’s journey, and  how you can help us chip in and make a difference together. 

056_07.01.2012 LowRez Muttville Popchips and Giants_DSC_3941

changing the game for timmy.

hi there! timmy here, you know the dog…from muttville. i finally got a home thanks to popchips, san francisco game changer, tim lincecum and muttville! yippee!

my new family picked me up just in time for the 4th of july weekend, and it’s been a blast! we live in tiburon now; there are really nice sidewalks and fire hydrants here.

my favorite thing to do is go for walks with my new brother and sister and then hangout on the deck afterwards. i also love when my family pets me, it feels so good.

my new sister, kate, has been asking for a dog for a long time now, so i’m glad i got to be the family’s first dog. and the best thing about her is she still has a few more years until she leaves for college, which means i get lots of love all the time!

i’m so glad to have a new home, and thankful that muttville, popchips and my friend tim lincecum helped me find it. whoever said “it get’s better with age” must have been a senior dog rescued by muttville, because they were so right.

bark (and snack) on! (but not too loudly, the neighbors might not like it)



there’s no place like popchips.

guest blogger: amanda, digital marketing popstar, university of kansas senior, barbeque popchips enthusiast 

if i had a dollar for every time someone asked me why on earth i go to school in kansas, well, i could probably buy a lifetime supply of popchips and then some. and besides the fact that it’s a great school, and somewhat close to where i’m from, there is definitely one thing that it brought me that i’ll be forever thankful for.

it brought me to popchips.

i was sitting in a journalism class my junior year when my professors started passing out bags of popchips to our 90-person lecture. confused, half asleep and thankful for the random act of kindness, i snacked on while my professors explained that popchips would be our client for the semester. besides getting a tasty snack to get a first-hand look at the brand, my class got to skype the marketing team for an inside scoop of what this company is really about. after the call, i turned to my professor and said, “i want to be a part of that”.

and here i am.

as a digital marketing intern, i have learned more things about facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube than i myself knew as a frequent college user. but one of the biggest things i’ve learned is beyond the world wide web and all of its social platforms.

i’ve learned that anything is possible if you just believe in it, and have a little fun with it. here’s a chip company that is popping every second (literally) and after five short years, has sky-rocketed by sticking to its brand (and by having tasty chips, of course). a brand that attracted me to come all the way out to san francisco for a summer, without the help of red slippers.

so thank you popchips, for teaching me that the working world really does taste good and that there is no place like you.