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whats poppin’ vol 1: summer

we’ve partnered with new york’s top hip hop radio dj, peter rosenberg, to create “summertime” – the first track off of the soon-to-be-released “what’s poppin’ vol 1: summer” mixtape – featuring some of the hottest emerging hip hop artists.

check out this teaser track, where up & comer the kid daytona reworks the fresh prince’s & dj jazzy jeff’s classic “summertime”…even including a popchips shout out!

Summertime in the City by popchips

stay tuned for an exclusive video to go along with this track next month. plus, labor day weekend peter rosenberg and popchips will release a full mixtape featuring a mix of some of peter’s favorite hip hop artists of the moment, including action bronson, the kid daytona, homeboy sandman, asher roth, and many more, to commemorate the close of summer!

social media day pops!

foursquare and seven flavors ago, snacking got social…

social media is incredibly important to us as a company because it allows us to listen to, learn from, and engage with our snacking community every day. so today, we join and snackers around the world to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social…it’s social media day!

here’s where to find popchips on social media day:

plus, the san francisco popchips & mashable teams will face off (and facebook) for the first-ever social media day dodgeball tournament! since it’s their event, we might let them win. but probably not ;)

even if you can’t make it to one of the parties tonight, come celebrate social media day with us by using @popchips and the hashtag #smday on twitter.

last stop: hooligans in vegas

traveling with the hooligans in wondaland tour was a thrilling ride, filled with bruno fans, hotels and bus bunks, popchips snacks and days without naps. bruno’s voice could be heard in the halls, calling out melodies and joking with the guys.
the final leg of the tour took us through the southwest, close to home for many of the band members. when we hit coachella for a day off before the show, eric realized that it might be our only chance for a tour party at the pool. we took over the whole pool and the hot tub! bruno was relaxing and talking about writing his next songs. it was a good, chill day before the grind of the final six shows.
in san diego, the hooligans checked out the rides at the county fair, rollercoasters and all. popchips was set up right next to the stage and we and a great view of the show: the first sold out show at the 10,000 seat fairgrounds in 20 years!
the shows in la were….well, very “la!” we were in universal city with tourists everywhere and the after parties were filled with music industry and celebs. joe jonas, ryan philippe, anthony hamilton and cast members from the gossip girls were all around. i chatted with kenji, jamareo and mayer hawthorne, and joe jonas introduced me to his friends who were new to popchips, and everyone couldn’t stop talking about how much they love bruno mars. check out this video taken by diane mizota, our vp of pop culture during the la show.
phoenix was the last date for mayer hawthorne. he plays a song called “ i wish it would rain”…..the hooligans pranked them by running on stage in the middle of the song and dancing with umbrellas! the crowd went wild when they recognized bruno on the stage and mayer laughed but still played the song right through. check my photo here.
the show in vegas was a great way to end the tour: a smaller venue and a more intimate show. our popchips sweepstakes winners came with families and friends to see the show, met bruno, and took photos in the popchips photo booth. janelle monae took at the stage and sang the final bars of “talking to the moon” with bruno, then they took a bow together – a special moment! everyone with the tour was hugging and laughing. i went to say my own goodbyes to all the hooligans and bruno.
overall, hooligans fans are right…the guys are super sweet and fun and talented. much love to everyone on the tour…when you need more snacks and someone to get the dance floor going, i’ll be there!
here are photos of some of my favorite moments from the tour.
in case you missed any of our three exclusive videos of bruno mars: coming home, click here to watch them!

tell your pops he’s tops – beantown style!

calling all boston & new england snackers! are you looking for the perfect way to tell your pop he’s tops? how about treating him to a day at fenway park + a season’s supply of popchips?!

this summer, popchips has teamed up with weei: mut & merloni show and greater boston market basket to award a few lucky boston fans the opportunity to win the ultimate pops package! here’s how:

  • 6/16: listen to mut & merloni on weei sports radio this friday, june 17, at 12:20pm (edt) for the text-in code! winners receive signed sports memorabilia, tickets to meet & greet with red sox broadcasters joe castiglione & dave o’brien in fenway park, and a season’s supply of popchips! yes – a whole season’s supply of the perfect game day snack!
  • 6/20-6/24: follow @popchipsboston and tweet most correct answers about red sox all-star david ‘big papi’ ortiz. the tweeter with the most correct answers will win 2 mvp tickets to picnic in the park on july 24th!
  • 6/27-7/1: follow @popchipsboston and tweet the best twitpic of bbq spread to win 2 tickets to fenway park!
  • 6/26 – 7/3: be sure to stop in your local boston market basket anytime and pick up 2 bags of popchips for $4!

follow @popchipsboston to keep up with the weekly giveaway. who knows – you may be able to meet red sox favorite big papi (or, should we say, big popi!?) over a bag of popchips!

seeking the #1 san fran fan!

let’s face it.  there are some things in life that are just meant to go together. summer and slip-n-slides.  charlie sheen and twitter. fog and san francisco. and of course, snacking and sports.  we love sports. especially when winning is involved.  and here in our home town of san francisco, the torture has finally come to an end!  no, we’re not talking about the world series…we’re talking about san francisco’s champion chip….hey, that’s us!

this season, we’ve has teamed up with knbr: the sports leader, and northern california walgreens to find the #1 san fran fan, and award them the ultimate game day prize pack! here’s the scoop:

  • head into any northern california walgreens and snap your photo in front of the popchips display. (while you’re there, pick up any 3oz bag of popchips for only  $1.99!)
  • post your photo to before june 22nd, and share with your friends and fellow san fran fans
  • the most ‘pop’ular fan (the fan that collects the most “votes”) will win the ultimate game day prize pack!

the winning continues next monday, when all san fran fans will score the chance to meet san francisco’s favorite centerfielder (and popchips enthusiast) andres torres!

follow @popchipsSF to find out when & where you can meet the all-star over a snack!

remembering chris anderson

it is with deep sadness that we write to tell you that we lost a dear member of the popchips family this week when chris anderson passed away from cancer on june 7, 2011. he was 48 and is survived by his two adorable children, briana and lucas.

chris was #1. our very first employee. our vp of sales. our inspiration. our mentor. our confidant. our dear friend. we’ll never forget his incredible dedication, his zest for life, love for cars, his laughter, and (of course) his award-winning smile.

chris embodied so much about the values that drive us. about creating a company we can all be proud of. about integrity, and uncompromised morals. and about commitment. and it wasn’t that chris just worked hard (which he did!) – we all marveled at his passion and the way he connected with people. the company wouldn’t be where it is today without chris.

chris’ two children, briana and lucas, were his pride and joy. nothing made him happier than sharing stories and pictures. and we are really pleased to be setting up a college fund for briana and lucas, which the company, our employees, our board and several of our vendors are contributing to. we know that would make chris smile.

join us in celebrating an amazing man and his wonderful memories.

-keith and pat

snackquatch 2011

chromeo rocks out with pop

popchips are not baked, but perfect if you were….at this year’s sasquatch festival. we helped snackers regroup, recharge and refuel during the 4-day festival in quincy, washington, over memorial day weekend, and helped artists like chromeo rock out with their pop out.  we also conducted midnight snack attacks for fans in the campgrounds!

artists performing included foo fighters, death cab for cutie, the head and the heart, and more. fans were able to take photos with our backdrop and share with their friends.

check out a few photos from our gallery of the best moments from the festival.

what the bok?

your roadie popstar moira here again, reporting from the road with the bruno mars tour. crowds are coming out in droves to see the hooligans in wondaland tour after hearing pumped up reviews from their friends! and, it is a real show- there are 8 musicians on stage with bruno:

phil – vocals and hype man
eric – solid on the drums
phred – keyboards and music direction
kenji – wails guitar
jamareo – rocks bass
kameron, james & dwayne – hold down on brass: horns, trombone, saxophone and trumpet

i love seeing the talent and energy of the hooligans – they do almost non-stop choreography while playing all the songs live. before each show the guys get focused in their dressing room, then roll out to the stage in a pack, pumped up and chanting with each other- ‘heeeeyyyyy, heeyyyyy!” hanging with the hooligans is a whirl of harmonies and shenanigans…if bruno calls out a melody, the others chime in real smooth…if some 90s r&b come on the radio, best believe that the whole bus will sing along!

bruno and the hooligans love to break it down and play fun covers. in st. paul, they played whitney houston’s “saving all my love for you.” in independence, mo they played “kansas city, kansas city here i come.” bruno has so much fun with it, and it’s great to listen to because he’s playing the songs he feels like playing that day. they do a ska version of “the lazy song,” and i can’t help bouncing around every time i hear it.

sound check is a special time for the band to warm up without anyone around- no picture or recordings allowed! they check the sound in the venue and the instrument set-up that day. oh, and of course they bok a little too! and what is bok you say? like true artists, the hooligans have added flair to their everyday banter and even created words. bok could be likened to rock — like “let’s rock out”- in hooligan style. to pay homage to the name of their production crew the smeezingtons, the crew likes to add eezington to words like “perfectzington” for added oomph. it’s hysterical and adds to their own creative and unique styles.

i’d say a typical hooligan day would be: video games on the tour bus all afternoon, playing their hearts out on stage, then dancing and laughing all night. they have a party mix which gets played at the hotel parties and in the dressing room, with songs like ‘teach me how to ‘dougie’” and et by katy perry and “crank dat’ by soulja boy. and yeah, they can dougie, and crank dat too!

check out my pics here for more of a peek of whats poppin in wondaland…..