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kart 4 kids brings smiles to hospitals nationwide

september is pediatric cancer awareness month! text “goal” to 609-454-8574 and help a child in your community.

go4thegoal is thrilled and honored to have popchips partnering with us on our new kart 4 kids program, which launches in hospitals across the country this september in honor of pediatric cancer awareness month.  the kart will be stocked with toys, gift cards, activities, and delicious, healthier snacks, staring popchips.

go for the goal

patients and their families will be welcome to take their choice of items off the kart that will help make their hospital stay a little more bearable and hopefully provide many hours of entertainment. with a mission to “put the fun back into snacking,” plus all of the delicious flavor and half the fat of fried chips, popchips are a perfect snack ‘pop’ a smile on everyone’s faces!

kart 4 kids with popchipsgo4thegoal’s unwavering objective is to help make the lives of children affected by cancer as normal as possible by providing financial support, developing and implementing unique hospital programs like the kart 4 kids, funding grants for innovative research, and granting personal wishes.  funds are raised through both individual donations and our many unique national campaigns, including national dress 4 pediatric cancer day®, lace-up 4 pediatric cancer®, and richard’s runs®.

to learn more about the go4thegoal foundation, and how you can help chip-in like popchips, please visit


about go4thegoal foundation: go4thegoal foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization founded in 2006 by dr. richard and beth stefanacci, soon after their oldest child was diagnosed with ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. 2012 was a very exciting year at go4thegoal foundation, whose two national campaigns, national dress 4 pediatric cancer day® and lace up 4 pediatric cancer®, gave hundreds of schools, businesses and sports teams an opportunity to raise awareness and much needed support for patients in their communities and earned go4thegoal the honor of “top rated non-profit of 2012″ by great nonprofits. go4thegoal provides children undergoing cancer treatment and their families with financial assistance, runs fun hospital-based programs, grants special wishes and supplies state-of-the-art electronic products to children and pediatric oncology units in over 70 hospitals across the country. since 2007, g4g has funded nearly $1,000,000.00 in innovative pediatric cancer research.

college snacking tour

headed back to campus?  we are too.

this month, popchips hits the road for a national college snacking tour.  life is good.  college is awesome.  snacking makes it even better.

college snacking tour 2013

we know it can be exhausting heading back to school – new classes, new professors, new roommates, trips to the bookstore, the dining hall, and the registrar’s office, welcome back parties, rush week, etc. etc. etc. – classes haven’t even started yet, and you already deserve a snack break…and we have your back! 

with all the flavor and less than half the fat of fried chips, snacking on popchips is the easiest choice you’ll make all year.  click here to find out when our #popchipstotherescue snacking tour is poppin’ up on your campus!

popchips' college snacking tour 2013plus, show us where you do it on campus… (get your mind out of the gutter, we mean snacking!)  instagram your best snacking-selfie and tag #popchipstotherescue for a chance to win a $500 amazon gift card and a year’s supply of popchips!

snacking selfie college

popstar of the quarter

since the start, popchips’ co-founder and ceo keith belling has acknowledged the importance of generosity.  in fact, it’s one of 9 “principle’s of pop” that helps guide the organization and the team:  we are generous.

popchips in peruevery quarter, keith and the senior leadership team recognize outstanding employees by granting them the honorable “popstar award.” in our world of popped culture, it’s the equivalent of being knighted.  these employees have demonstrated outstanding performance, commitment and exemplified all 9 “principles of pop.”  in addition to the esteem of earning the coveted award, each popstar is granted $1,000 to give to the charity of their choice.

in this new featurette, we’ll give you a little sneak peek into our popped culture, as we highlight our top popstars, and their selected charities…

what’s your name and title? marssie versola, regional marketing manager northern california

what’s your favorite popchips flavor & what new flavor would you love to create? my favorite flavor is sweet potato. i’d love to create a cocoa dusted sweet potato popchips flavor.

what’s your personal snacking credo? keep it real.

where’s craziest place you’ve ever snacked, or want to? machu picchu.

what are your top three guilty pleasures? guacamole, salon quality hair products, and lululemon active wear.

which pop icon (alive or not) would you love to meet, greet & eat with? steve carrell or the dalai lama.

what superhero or cartoon character is most like you? or, which would you like to be? i’d be dori from finding nemo, but only for one week.

besides snacking, what do you like to do in your free time? running, bar method (new obsession), hiking, anything outdoors, finding new restaurants and frequenting local favorites, spending time with friends, cooking, learning new skills, traveling/exploring.

what charity are you donating to and why? last year at this time, i signed up with team in training, a program of the leukemia & lymphoma society, to train for my first half marathon. it was an enormous challenge mentally and physically, and to boot i committed to raise $3,900 for the cause. the entire experience was challenging and rewarding in ways i wouldn’t have dreamt of. since then, i’ve run 3 half marathons and a full marathon! oh, and on a whim, i participated in an olympic distance triathalon, something that would not have been even fathomable if i hadn’t been training with the run team.

popchips team in training

also, since my start with team in training, i’ve met incredible athletes who have fought and won the battle with blood cancer, and taken in story after story of heart wrenching and heart warming life moments from my teammates’ who’s lives have been affected by the disease.

what i’ve come to hold true is that the miles of running and physical exertion we push ourselves through is nothing compared to the battle these individuals have had to face: “cancer sucks more”. but one thing is clear – the leukemia & lymphoma society is impacting the quality of life and treatment for patients and their families in major ways. and, the research and programs that are directly funded by the money i raise is impacting the survival and hope for thousands of cancer patients, blood cancer and beyond. i am proud to be connected to an amazing organization.

this season, i am training for the nike women’s marathon in october. i am so grateful to be able to donate to such an important cause and organization.

jillian michaels’ 5 healthy school lunch ideas

healthy school lunch ideasback to school is upon us, and who better than jillian michaelsleading health & wellness expert, and mother of two, to dish healthy school lunch ideas that kids (and parents) will love.

our kids today live in a world full of sugary sweets and fat-packed foods.  it’s our job as parents to steer them in the right direction when it comes to healthier eating and making wise snack decisions.

  1. there are a lot of snacks out there that seem healthier, but still have hidden secrets about them.  for example, juice boxes may appear to be the better choice over soda, but they are still filled with so much sugar that it is just as bad.  looking at the calorie content is important, but it is just as crucial to look at how much trans-fat and sugar is included.
  2. i can’t stress enough how imperative it is to look at the ingredients list of the foods you are giving your children.  make sure the treat foods they eat are not laden with chemicals and poisons. for example, let your kids have popchips instead of potato chips fried in hydrogenated trans-fats. they are certified gluten free, kosher, and tastier than those fried chips anyway.
  3. let’s face it, kids love cookies.  instead of packing the usual unhealthy options with ingredients you can’t pronounce, go for an organic option that has no hydrogenated oils or trans fats and is even more tasty.

    momables™ shows busy parents how to make fresh school lunches in 10 minutes or less.
    momables™ shows busy parents how to make fresh school lunches in 10 minutes or less.
  4. if the only option at school is regular milk, pack a juice box size carton of either organic milk or coconut milk so that your kids aren’t taking in unnecessary hormones.
  5. i’ve said it before – there is nothing more terrible for you than those flavored fried tortilla chips we all grew up eating at the “big game.”  the things that are in those chips  make it like a cancer wafer!!  i’d choose the tortilla popchips over those fried nacho cheese or ranch flavored triangles any day.  they’re naturally delicious, air popped, and still packed with flavor that doesn’t leave you wondering about what you just consumed.

remember that it is important to give our kids positive reinforcement – we cannot make food items sound “off limits” or else they will only want to eat them more.  instead, we have to show them that healthy eating can also be delicious and that moderation is key.

hungry for more? check out why students, parents, teachers and experts agree that popchips are the perfect snack to pack in your healthy school lunches…

ivillage’s “best crispy snack for kids” winner:  “my son loves chips — especially nacho chips. these are a healthier option than most and he can’t even tell the difference.” 

family circle’s “best snacks for kids” winner:  “i liked the crunchiness and they tasted great!”

momables™ school lunch makeover: “love that we can find a healthier alternative, not only for ourselves, but for our whole family. these little air popped chips would make a great occasional addition to any lunch box for any age.”

real simple’s “back-to-school survival guide” winner: “love the hint of caramel and zero grams of saturated fat in each bite.” 

 back to school special! click here to save 20% on popchips!

save 20% off popchips

jillian michaels original popchipsabout jillian michaels:
jillian michaels is a bestselling author, daytime emmy nominated television personality, entrepreneur, and one of the nation’s leading health and wellness experts. perhaps considered one of the most inspiring people on television through her role as trainer, wellness expert and life coach on her hit tv shows and regular tv appearances, michaels has created a brand name for herself….and more!

sweet potato pops into potbelly

love is in the air, and in the bag.  the sweet potato popchips bag, that is.

with sweet potato popchips now available at your local potbelly sandwich shop, snackers nationwide are falling in love all over again.  (this love affair started more than a year ago, when potbelly got into an open-bag relationship with bbq popchips.)

potbelly sandwich and popchips

and since nothing goes better with sweet potatoes than turkey, the all new “toasty turkey blt” is now available at potbelly locations nationwide! you can take both of us home tonight and turn the lights down low (or high, whatever sets the snacking mood).

toasty turkey blt at potbellyif that wasn’t enough news to get you all hot and toasty, potbelly sandwich shop and popchips are giving you a chance to visit #sweethomechicago – the home of potbelly! with potbelly’s long history of supporting local music, this sweepstakes will give one lucky winner and their guest the opportunity to experience some of chicago’s most famous venues and take in a few tasty shows – not to mention, some other sweet perks, like a year’s supply of potbelly sandwiches and popchips!

so whatchat waiting for!? click here to enter for your chance to win a vip music experience in chicago. 

potbelly and popchips sweet home chicago sweeps

about potbelly sandwich shop: from its humble beginnings as a small antique store on chicago’s north side in 1977, potbelly has grown from one to more than 280 shops serving neighborhoods in 18 states. potbelly has built its reputation as a mealtime hangout spot, where great food, friends, eclectic décor and live, local music combine to create an atmosphere unlike any other. for more information, visit or access the company press kit from the potbelly press room.

popchips and big papi’s kitchen cook-off

an all-star on the boston baseball field and in the kitchen, david ortiz invites fans to cook-off with big papi’s kitchen and popchips!

popchips, big papi's kitchen and david ortiz's kitchen cook-offthe challenge: submit your best recipe using popchips and big papi’s kitchen products as key ingredients here.

the gear: get your popchips and big papi’s kitchen ingredients from your local big y foods or alltown market.

the fans: rally fans to vote for your poppin’ recipe up to once per day.  

the playoffs:  six (6) grand prize winners whose recipes receive the most votes will have the chance to participate in the “popchips & big papi’s kitchen cook-off” event in new england this fall, where they’ll meet, greet and eat with david ortiz himself as they compete to win his vote for the best recipe.

the champion-chip: grand prizes include an autographed big papi jersey, baseball, and a year’s supply of popchips.

for complete rules, regulations, prizes and more boring legal stuff, visit

popchips and big papi's kitchen cook-off with david ortizabout big papi’s kitchen: growing up in the dominican republic, david ortiz was raised on the fresh, flavorful tastes of latin cuisine. in his new home of boston, david remains loyal to his latin roots, and the memories of his native dominican republic. upon a visit to a local hannaford, david sampled the sisters salsa brand and knew, with the taste as fresh and flavorful as the cuisine of his upbringing, that he wanted to create his own fresh salsa line. david went to his marketing team, and upon reaching out, found sisters salsa was as passionate about david ortiz as david was about their product.  a natural relationship began, and with the help of sisters salsa and a team of culinary experts, a new line of big papi’s kitchen was born.

big papi's kitchen salsa

pitchfork music festival 2013 highlights

as if chicago needs any more personality during the popular summer months, here comes along pitchfork music festival 2013 an eclectic mix of music, art, style and food that has been a midwest staple for many years now. here’s a taste of what popped at this year’s festival…

popchips at pitchfork music festival

the popchips rescue station, courtesy of our friends at tuff shed, allowed us to partner with chicago’s habitat for humanity – rescuing fans with a cell phone charging station, games, and a place to relax.

popchips rocks pitchfork music festival

snacking in the shade at pitchfork music festival

pitchfork rescue station team chicago

most importantly, popchips and habitat for humanity are giving the shed back to a local chicago community after the festival!

pitchfork shed

popchips and habitat for humanity made sure vips & artists backstage, including sky ferreira and yo la tengo, helped chip in by contributing to auction items.

pitchfork festival crowd 2 pitchfork festival crowd 1 pitchfork festival crowd

check out more pictures of #popchipstotherescue at pitchfork.

huge thank you to chicago, pitchfork music festival, music fans & concert goers! keep rocking out with you pop out!

don’t wait until the next festival to get rescued. click here to find popchips in stores near you!  

saving mankind from fried at comic-con 2013

it’s a bag…

popchips to the rescue at comic-con!it’s a bike…

comic con popchips pedicab

…it’s popchips to the rescue at comic-con 2013!

comic con team america

with fried foes on the prowl at the 2013 comic-con international convention in san diego this weekend, popchips is hitting the scene to save mankind from fried!

comic con jokers

do you or someone you know need to be rescued from fried? contact the @popchips hotline at #popchipstotherescue, or find your nearest popchips bag at comic-con here:

  • warner bros hospitality & booth
  • fx pedi cabs
  • san diego comic-con blog party
  • popchips pedi cabs
  • entertainment weekly photo suite
  • gamercon
  • union-tribune san diego comic-con hq
  • comic-con convention green rooms
  • walking dead escape obstacle course
  • chuck jones comic-con art gallery
  • westin guest bags
  • hotel solamar guest bags
  • hotel keating guest bags

and remember – with all the flavor and less than half the fat of fried chips, popchips will always save the day!