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remembering chris anderson

it is with deep sadness that we write to tell you that we lost a dear member of the popchips family this week when chris anderson passed away from cancer on june 7, 2011. he was 48 and is survived by his two adorable children, briana and lucas.

chris was #1. our very first employee. our vp of sales. our inspiration. our mentor. our confidant. our dear friend. we’ll never forget his incredible dedication, his zest for life, love for cars, his laughter, and (of course) his award-winning smile.

chris embodied so much about the values that drive us. about creating a company we can all be proud of. about integrity, and uncompromised morals. and about commitment. and it wasn’t that chris just worked hard (which he did!) – we all marveled at his passion and the way he connected with people. the company wouldn’t be where it is today without chris.

chris’ two children, briana and lucas, were his pride and joy. nothing made him happier than sharing stories and pictures. and we are really pleased to be setting up a college fund for briana and lucas, which the company, our employees, our board and several of our vendors are contributing to. we know that would make chris smile.

join us in celebrating an amazing man and his wonderful memories.

-keith and pat

dish it. dish it good.

enjoy a memorial day feast with zero grams of regret? brandi koskie, managing editor of, says it can be done. she gave Yahoo! Shine the full scoop on how to host a healthier cookout that’s big on taste, not on calories, by following these simple steps…

  • meat market. choose a lean cut of meat: 90% or higher ground beef (organic if possible), chicken breasts, or lean ground turkey (white meat only). even consider a vegetarian option, such as a large portobello mushroom cap.
  • go green. and red, yellow and orange. top off your grilled goods with fresh veggies for a serious nutritional punch; not to mention, a punch of color.
  • beautiful buns. whole grain, good. high fructose corn syrup, bad. any questions?
  • sauce smartly. mayo, bbq sauce, and the like just add empty calories. look for a bbq sauce without added sugar, try a few slices of avocado instead of mayo, and get more flavor out of a brown mustard rather than yellow.
  • super sides. replace sinful sides with healthier alternatives, such as popchips, which serve up all the flavor & less than half the fat of traditional fried potato chips.

hungry for more? brandi dishes more lean memorial day tips & recipes here.

moira goes to mars.

your “pop chick” moira here, reporting live from the road with bruno mars on his hooligans in wondaland tour! that’s right – i’m hitting 22 cities in 5 weeks with the band – bunking on the tour bus, sharing popchips with fans across the country and bringing you exclusive updates along the way. i know – it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! ;)

bruno’s voice, the incredibly talented 8-man band of hooligans, the awesome lighting, the fun crowd, and (of course) the tasty snacks, the show is popping! but don’t take my word for it. see for yourself. click here to check out some highlights from my life on mars thus far….

until then,  popchips is giving you the chance to experience life on mars for yourself! click here and enter to meet bruno & the band for our last u.s. stop in vegas on june 16th, plus a year’s supply of popchips!