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sasquatch or bust!

our snacks are packed. we’re heading to quincy, washington for the annual sasquatch music festival, where we’ll be poppin’ at the gorge all weekend, along with epic music acts including the foo fighters, death cab for cutie, modest mouse, wilco, decemberists and more.

planning to go? swing by our pop stop near the yeti stage to regroup with your crew, recharge your phone and refuel with some free popchips samples.

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oprah’s last show…until we meet again

it’s tough to convey the impact oprah winfrey’s 25 years in television have had on all of us. education. entertainment. enlightenment. free cars. extravaganza. love-fest. nope… none of those words even come close.

from what to wear, eat, buy, drive, listen to, ms. winfrey had a profound effect on the way we see ourselves and who we are. she’s been a constant in our lives and i know that i am not alone when i say that my heart (and dvr) will have a gaping hole where the oprah show used to live.

oprah does nothing half-assed and her goodbye did not disappoint. musical numbers, celebrities, touching moments, good deeds…the buildup to oprah’s last episode had all the hallmarks that has made her show must-watch tv for the past 25 years. (dr. oz joyfully dancing was just one of the highlights.) the choice to end her show in-studio, with her beloved audience, spending an entire hour thanking and acknowledging them, was the perfect complement to the blowout spectacular that preceded it. oprah summed it up best when she said:

“…this show and all of you have been the loves of my life.”

it was honest. it was true and as tears welled up in her eyes, we could feel how much we have meant to her. she has turned the spotlight on us and left the stage to say goodbye to her crew.

as i write this, it’s hard not sound like a total oprah zealot, so as mama oprah has taught me, i will just stick to being myself. by being more of herself, she enabled us to be more of ourselves. she transcended the medium of television. i can honestly say that some of my biggest aha moments have happened not in a church, but sitting on my own couch, snacking on popchips and cheese, soaking up the wisdom, compassion and humanity that the oprah show delivered time after time. forgiveness. humility. compassion. passion. inspiration. this woman has educated us, enlightened us all while entertaining us for 25 years. she has made me want to be a better person, to be more giving of myself, to follow my calling and connect with others. so perhaps the only words big enough for this occasion are the simplest of all: thank you.

moira goes to mars.

your “pop chick” moira here, reporting live from the road with bruno mars on his hooligans in wondaland tour! that’s right – i’m hitting 22 cities in 5 weeks with the band – bunking on the tour bus, sharing popchips with fans across the country and bringing you exclusive updates along the way. i know – it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! ;)

bruno’s voice, the incredibly talented 8-man band of hooligans, the awesome lighting, the fun crowd, and (of course) the tasty snacks, the show is popping! but don’t take my word for it. see for yourself. click here to check out some highlights from my life on mars thus far….

until then,  popchips is giving you the chance to experience life on mars for yourself! click here and enter to meet bruno & the band for our last u.s. stop in vegas on june 16th, plus a year’s supply of popchips!

checking out art in the streets. imagining life as a street artist.

i get to keep some pretty cool company in my job at as your pop vp, and it’s my job to keep you in the know on up and coming pop culture events before they get all mainstream.

in los angeles, graffiti and street artists are getting their moment in the sun with a new exhibit. big names like shepard fairey, banksy and keith haring, as well as lesser known artists, get their chance in the spotlight through art in the streets at the geffen contemporary at moca. it is the first major historical exhibition to focus on street art by an american museum.

if you happen to be in la before august 8th, it is a must-see. as i went through the exhibit, i was struck by how everyone was encouraged to participate, whether sitting in on an impromptu jam session on the resident drum kit or letting your own creative juices run wild in the levi’s film lab. a full service, free space where you can create masterpieces in slow motion, stop motion, or with green screen effects, complete with full editing suites and a friendly, knowledgeable staff to help bring your visions to reality. did i mention that it’s free? super cool.

street art has been an influential part of popular culture for the past 40 years, and art in the streets definitely gives the artists their props.

if you’re not swinging through la before the exhibit closes, check out a quick video i took while i was there:

bruno mars tells all….

if you haven’t heard by now, popchips is on the road with bruno mars! (seriously, where have you been?)

one of the perks of rolling vice presidential/mars-style is that we scored an exclusive backstage interview to ask bruno the burning questions his fans wanna know…and he gave up the goods. like what body part he refers to as “the whomp and stomp”. wanna see a grown woman blush? he is one charming hooligan, but don’t just take my word for it…

so get on it! like and you and your own band of hooligans could be rolling vip style to bruno’s show in vegas!!! good luck! go you!

it’s okay to feel like you are doing it wrong

pop culture mvp moms

usually when women look like they have it all — blazing hot career, husband, kids, money, great hair and shoes — you wanna hate them just a little bit.  but not tina fey.  no way.  she’s not writing cookbooks about vegan pizza-making.  in bossypants, she’s writing about everything that makes us love her.  star wars figures.  being an “achievement-oriented, obedient, drug-free, virgin adult.”  prayers that her daughter is  “…beautiful but not damaged, for it’s the damage that draws the creepy soccer coach’s eye, not the beauty.”

she’s a girls’ girl, a mom’s mom, who freely admits to feeling like she sucks at motherhood.  swoon.  we salute Tina for her many jobs making us laugh, all while incubating her second baby.  there’s a saying: “dying is easy. comedy is hard”.  true words, probably written by a man, because any mom knows that pregnancy/childbirth/motherhood can at times make comedy and death look like a cakewalk.  so big props to Tina, for creating some of our favorite pop culture gems, being her own boss, and a soon-to-be mother of 2.

pop mom mvp:  soleil moon frye

pop culture icon of the 80’s show Punky Brewster, mom of two, author, and entrepreneur. with, she has harnessed the power of social media, giving moms a community to connect and share their messy truths.  recently named Target’s mommy ambassador, this hard-working mom has a book coming out soon, is incredibly down to earth and easily shares her own parenting follies; like how her kids take sharpies to the walls, or how her daughter wants to be a “hot tinkerbell” when she grows up,  or even her favorite indulgence…

what I love about these two moms is that as they appear to “have it all”, they don’t have an ounce of pretension.  they freely admit that it ain’t pretty and that they don’t get a lot of sleep.  they feel like they could be your best friends. they inspire us with their truth and humor and are living proof that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to stop kicking pop culture ass.

so tina, soleil, I’d like to invite you to a playdate at my house, bring the kids, and I’ll bring the popchips.

happy mothers’ day everyone!

we’re with the band

popchips has fallen under the spell of bruno mars. we’re over the moon and proud to announce that popchips will be hitting the road with bruno and crew, as part of his hooligans in wondaland tour. we’re with bruno snacking and stopping across the country making sure his fans have an all-access pass to popchips!

if you can’t make it to a live show (see tour stops below) we got you covered. like we said, we’re with the band- popchips will be tweeting from the tour bus, capturing exclusive video footage from the tour, and giving away epic prizes; the macdaddy prize – wing out to vegas, meet bruno, get the vip treatment and see him live at the palms on june 16 – and, of course, a year’s supply of popchips. you can win by “like”ing our facebook page. get your friends to be our friends so we can be friends – the more that enter the bigger your gang of hooligans in vegas baby!