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running away with the hooligans…for a day

bruno mars is the real deal.

bruno mars is teaming up with popchips for his summer tour, and as your vp of pop culture, it’s my job to bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at life on mars. first up, i had the honor of seeing his new hooligans in wondaland show — a top secret closed rehearsal.

i can sum up the concert in one word: goosebumps. because bruno’s talent is unreal. not only does he write, produce, sing, dance, and play multiple instruments, he also drives the creative vision of his show; overseeing everything from lighting, to set design, wardrobe and (of course) the snacks.

in our interview, i didn’t just ask him the same questions that he’s heard a million times, because i wanted everyone to get a different view of his tastes and what makes him tick. i can’t wait for you to see our interview because he has a great sense of humor. he is insightful, down to earth and incredibly passionate about music.

i spoke with the hooligans (his band) as well, a highlight of which was the soft-spoken guitar player kenji who told me how happy he was that popchips contain no msg. the vibe of the whole band is mega-relaxed, talented and fun.

which makes me want to run away with the hooligan circus. heads up: there’s some big news coming soon about popchips’ collaboration with bruno mars. so stay tuned and follow @popvp for the latest.

i’m calling it now: after you see the hooligans in wondaland show and our exclusive interview video, and as bruno continues to catapult his career, i won’t be the only one saying that bruno could give the king of pop a run for his money…

in the meantime, i’m just gonna chill in my snuggie and be grateful that pop music has new royalty on the horizon…

my first meeting as vp of pop culture

got plaid?

did i ever think i’d have a revelation about pop culture while sitting under a grizzly bear’s junk? uh, that would be no. however…

after brief introductions, i took a seat under a giant bear painting in ashton’s office and then he asked me, “so, what is pop culture? what makes something pop?” whoa, hey guess we’re skipping the whole “where you from?” small talk and getting right to it. trying not to sound super-lame i aimed for something simultaneously witty, casual and insightful. failed. his energy was intense, even intimidating, as he spoke with passion about taking a stand in pop culture.

i had never analyzed what makes something pop, or what draws the public’s attention, i’ve focused on what i’ve needed to do to get and keep a job. small thinking predicated on necessity, but here was ashton kutcher asking me: “what are you passionate about?” and “what is it that you want to say?” whoa. a direct challenge to dream bigger, just like the sign outside his front door. this is the job.

he explained that he doesn’t want reporting on pop culture, but that he and popchips are interested in making pop culture. looking at it differently than what we’ve already seen. dude. that’s a real tall order. sweet. this year is going to be an adventure.

so, off we go…into the exploration of what pop culture is, and i’m happy to invite you along…just as soon as i get out from under this grizzly bear’s junk.