what pops: no strings attached!

are you planning to pop into the movies to see the president of pop culture, ashton kutcher’s, new flick no strings attached this weekend? we got a sneak peek last week with two lucky fans who joined us on the red carpet in los angeles.

we had a blast with marissa and shanna at the premiere. the movie explores a relationship that tries to keep things purely physical. we’re not sure that theory pops in real life, but in the movie, it’s funny, sexy and fresh (not that we’re biased at all!)

what pops: who’s your pop culture icon?

as we say goodbye to 2010, the president of pop culture, ashton kutcher, asked for your top pop culture icons. here’s the list — who did we miss? and who do you think will be the pop culture breakout of 2011?

1. michael jackson

jeffrey hecht shared on facebook: michael jackson, the king of pop(chips)…

2. elvis presley

3. bruce springsteen

kim rudd shared on facebook: bruce springsteen…baby we were born to pop!

4. marilyn monroe

@tinaO shared a picture on daily booth


5. andy warhol

6. mickey mouse

@darajaclyn shared on daily booth: mickey mouse is obviously number 1

7. michael jordan

8. audrey hepburn

9. demi moore

Bartdawg shared on twitter: @popchips i’m not just saying this, but @mrskutcher defines #whatpops. for three decades she reinvents herself http://tl.gd/7nqihi

10. popeye

Tammera Sirois shared on facebook: pop (eye) of course ! he has changed his diet from yucky spinach to yummy popchips:).

we made this one just for you, tammera!



what pops: top ten movie soundtracks

which movies have the most poppin’ soundtracks of all time? the president of pop culture ashton kutcher asked, and you came back with a huge range of flicks – from war movies to romantic comedies to Disney musicals! Here’s #whatpops based on your facebook and twitter responses:

1. pulp fiction

2. 10 things i hate about you

3. o brother where art thou

4. last kiss

5. the godfather

6. garden state

7. anything john williams

8. dirty dancing

9. the lost boys

10. grease

entertainment weekly recently listed their top 100 movie soundtracks – how does ours compare?

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