reasons dieters should eat popchips

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by sweatygirl No Comments

Last night after my Power Vinyasa class, I was in a snacky mood. I went through all my cupboards for anything to devour, and what did I find? A brand new bag of BBQ POP CHIPS!!! Here are the reasons these really are a great snack food for anyone:

#1 The entire bag is 360 calories… THE ENTIRE BAG! I never knew this until I devoured 2/3 of a bag last night, and looked at the facts afterwards. No guilt! That’s the equivalent of about 20 Ruffle’s chips.

#2 They are all natural. No fake colors, no fake ingredients and no preservatives. They are also are vegan and gluten-free!

#3 Pop Chips are delicious and satisfying. It feels like you are indulging because you get that crunchy, salty chip-like texture and flavor. My husband will even eat them! (I haven’t told him they are “healthy”)

#4 It’s Jillian Michaels favorite snack

ENJOY!!! <3 Sara


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