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Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by Lauren Muchko No Comments

I love snacking just like anybody else. Chips and salsa, CARBS, Diet Cokes, and sweet treats are my vice. After finally realizing that I could work out all day yet still not make any progress toward reaching my fitness goals due to what I was eating, I decided to make some permanent changes.

Calorie tracking program I use from BodyMedia. Helps me keep a balanced diet and stay on track.
80% of your progress comes from your nutrition and 20% comes from working out (I learned this from a little book called PUSH).

I’ve therefore made a conscious effort to eat cleaner with the help of Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset program, and as a result have been on a mission to replace many of my unhealthy snacks with healthier alternatives that are surprisingly satisfying!

All-Natural Pop Chips for Greasy Potato Chips – I recently discovered Pop Chips because of people posting about them on Instagram, and I’m HOOKED! While the alternative above is probably a healthier choice, Pop Chips are a great replacement for

These are AWESOME and crazy addictive. Warning: Don’t eat from the bag!
almost any kind of chip and they definitely help curb your carb cravings. You can find them at Target grocery stores, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods.

Pop Chips are all-natural, popped slices of potato (never baked or fried). My FAVORITE is the barbeque flavor – tastes just like BBQ potato chips. The regular kind tastes like your typical potato chip.

I love that you can have about 20 chips for just 120 calories and about 4g of fat, so it’s a satisfying snack. However, I highly recommend NOT eating from the bag. Remove a serving, and put the bag away, or you WILL eat the entire bag all at once… not joking!

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