sour cream & onion taste test.

Posted on: August 6th, 2011 by slashfood editor No Comments

in our last installment of potato chip taste tests, we take on the potent sour cream and onion flavor. we gathered more than 10 of the most popular brands (found in most tri-state-area supermarkets) and separated them into three categories: regular, kettle and an alternative.

in the end, we chose an overall winner for each category and one loser (which was clearly the worst chip of the bunch).

our panel says: “could tell off the bat that this wasn’t a regular chip, but somehow they still managed to pack a lot of flavor and crunch into it.” “compared with the others, this chip is golden — better for you and still satisfies the sour cream craving.” “chips that are baked not fried tend to have less sour cream and onion coating — not these chips!”


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