keith belling

Posted on: June 27th, 2011 by admin

if there’s anything i like more than snacking, it’s the challenge of a new business. just tell me it can’t be done, and i’m inspired. as a serial entrepreneur, it’s what i’ve been doing for the past twenty+ years. it’s what gets me out of bed (too early) in the morning. it’s what keeps me up at night.

popchips has really given me something to sink my teeth into. finally, my penchant for snacking together with my passion for launching a new business. of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a great partner and a great idea. the ride has been amazing, and judging from the momentum, the best is yet to come.

some of my past ventures include one of the first coffee bar chains in san francisco (oh-la-la!), a successful restaurant group (paragon restaurants) and the leading small business portal ( well, that’s the short list.

other favorite things—great meals at great restaurants, traveling, bringing passionate people together, skiing and golf (though i can’t remember having time for either of them), getting lost in a great book, and supporting favorite causes. did i mention snacking?