pat turpin

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i’m a foodie. and i’ll try anything once. that’s why i love everything about the
food industry — from eating at great
restaurants to starting food businesses
to snacking. obviously.

with 20 years of food and retail
experience under my belt, starting popchips was an all-natural next step
for me. i managed costco’s snack
packaging business and I launched several other businesses including costco’s executive membership and
gas station businesses.

in addition to being a food junkie, i’m a data junkie. i can really get my nerd on
about identifying a nuanced trend in the data that others may be missing. i’m
also driven by looking for opportunities to do things differently that others might
have considered fully developed.

other favorite things—my wife and two chips off the old block, sports, the beach
and being outdoors, a good indie film, and causes that support at-risk kids.