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6 degrees of snacking

Pop Chips

the absolute best thing about hosting a bbq is the leftovers...especially when you "accidentally" forget to put out a few bags of #popchips

posted on july 7 2014



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baghdadbythebay (Eric Kauschen)

@popchips @popchipssf Ho-Ho's5 hr 40 min ago

Tkusske (Tori Kusske)

@Popchips on PopChips at the R-HK household! http://t.co/peCoBTyt15 hr 11 min ago

Tkusske (Tori Kusske)

@Popchips on PopChips at the R-HK household!15 hr 12 min ago

Luana_Luciana (Luana Guimarães)

I didn´t get it yet....Who r u?? A company, something famous?? @popchips22 hr 42 min ago

RafaelRoberto7 (Rafael Roberto)

@popchips fighting on with @usctrojans on game day! #losangeles http://t.co/Xwe3Ciq122 hr 30 min ago

VintageVegan_ (Ditte Rømer Ⓥ)

@popchips Please consider selling online to international customers also. I myself would be a huge part of that market... ;)23 hr 24 min ago

KetyPieterse (Kety Pieterse ✓)

@popchips thanks for following.1 day 2 hr ago

ShanaDouglas (Shana Douglas)

@popchips, @popchipsvegas and @popchicago...Hey Guys! Thanks for the follows. Love ya chips ;)1 day 2 hr ago

jswaby (Jason Swaby)

@popchips hey! we need ketchup popchips up here in canada.. BBQ is nice, but everyone loves ketchup!1 day 3 hr ago

cwoodfin (Chase Woodfin)

@popchips Has got to be the most addicting snack out there. Went to Safeway and cleaned out their stock of sea salt and vinegar.1 day 3 hr ago

FitnessFest (FitnessFest)

@popchips FitnessFest Conference & Expo and popchips = delicious combo! Excited to have you join us!1 day 3 hr ago

MarisaSimkin (Marisa Simkin)

@popchips @popchipsSF Ho-Ho's!!1 day 3 hr ago

RIncandela (sydney anderson)

@popchips never tried your product and would love too!!1 day 3 hr ago

jenn__lewis (Jenn Lewis)

@popchips created thing ever <31 day 4 hr ago

Kristall_LA (Kristall Lutz)

@popchips 4 dinner tonight... I am going to eat so many pop chips at #OG11 in Nov..yum!! @oppgreen http://t.co/d93VsR8l2 days 17 hr ago

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