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we’ve put everything your average kid won’t eat in one chip: beets, red bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, peas, pumpkin, chickpeas, and beans. then we pop ‘em and dust ‘em with sea salt stolen from sparkling princess mermaids. next we ship them in bags designed to fool children. who’s got your back, parents? that’s right. popchips does.

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nothing fake or phony.

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sea salt veggie

real ingredients

no fake colors, no fake flavors.
no fluorescent orange fingertips,
no wiping your greasy chip hands
on your jeans, no really.


dried potato, chickpea flour, sunflower and/or safflower oil, navy bean flour, tapioca starch, beet powder, spinach powder, pumpkin powder, pea fiber, tomato powder, red bell pepper powder, sea salt, salt, kale powder, red beet juice powder (natural color), annatto (natural color)

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all the flavor. where's the fat?

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sea salt veggie


get more for your tastebuds. with popchips you get more flavor and more chips with less calories and fat than the "other" brands.

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Nutrition veggie seasalt