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we're snack fanatics

our story

even for a self-proclaimed snack fanatic, it can be downright embarrassing to eat a bag of fried chips out in public. that's what popchips co-founder, keith belling, realized one day as he was trying to sneak his snack at a san francisco deli counter. it was not clear whether he was hiding them from himself or friends. but he knew those bland baked chips weren't the answer either. it was almost enough to make him hold out until dinner. keith, a serial entrepreneur, knew what he had to do. he had to find a chip that was both tasty and healthier (and less embarrassing). he had to put the fun back in snacking. but how?

keith talked with fellow snacker and co-founder, patrick turpin, about his mission. patrick told him about an interesting snack manufacturer.  one visit was all it took. they got it. forget frying (unhealthy). forget baking (undelicious). the two snackers had found a way to pop a chip with all the flavor and a lot less of the stuff that gives snacking a bad name.  keith and pat spent over a year, snacking, popping, and snacking some more, until they came up with popchips, a naturally delicious line of popped chips they loved to eat and did not have to hide. now they are doing their best to share the bag with snackers everywhere.

our founders

keith belling

co-founder & chairman

if there’s anything i like more than snacking, it’s the challenge of a new business. just tell me it can’t be done, and i’m inspired. as a serial entrepreneur, it’s what i’ve been doing for the past twenty+ years. it’s what gets me out of bed (too early) in the morning. it’s what keeps me up at night.

popchips has really given me something to sink my teeth into. finally, my penchant for snacking together with my passion for launching a new business. of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a great partner and a great idea. the ride has been amazing, and judging from the momentum, the best is yet to come.

pat turpin

co-founder & chairman

I'm a foodie. and i’ll try anything once. that’s why i love everything about the food industry — from eating at great restaurants to starting food businesses to snacking. obviously.

with 20 years of food and retail experience under my belt, starting popchips was an all-natural next step for me. i managed costco’s snack packaging business and i launched several other businesses including costco’s executive membership and gas station businesses.

in addition to being a food junkie, i’m a data junkie. i can really get my nerd on about identifying a nuanced trend in the data that others may be missing. i’m also driven by looking for opportunities to do things differently that others might have considered fully developed.

other favorite things—my wife and two chips off the old block, sports, the beach and being outdoors, a good indie film, and causes that support at-risk kids.