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buffalo ranch

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tangy buffalo sauce that sets your tongue ablaze. creamy, cooling ranch that comes to the rescue. thick, ridged chips full of satisfying crunch. the only thing you won’t get with buffalo ranch ridges is sauce-covered fingers and a pile of dirty napkins.

Check br.png 3df0beb63d5de8e8622cf65d7f2a0491 no added preservatives
Check br.png 3df0beb63d5de8e8622cf65d7f2a0491 no artificial flavors
Check br.png 3df0beb63d5de8e8622cf65d7f2a0491 no synthetic colors
Check br.png 3df0beb63d5de8e8622cf65d7f2a0491 no cholesterol
Check br.png 3df0beb63d5de8e8622cf65d7f2a0491 0 grams trans fat
Check br.png 3df0beb63d5de8e8622cf65d7f2a0491 gluten free

available sizes

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buffalo ranch

real ingredients

come explore the mini mountains of flavor on our boldly original popchips ridges. with every crunchy bite, you’ll find it harder to stop, and why should you?


dried potato, sunflower and/or safflower oil, seasoning (maltodextrin, cayenne pepper sauce [aged red cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, garlic], sea salt, garlic powder, organic buttermilk, organic whey, sugar, organic cheddar cheese [organic milk, cultures, salt, enzymes], spices, natural flavor, organic white distilled vinegar, yeast extract, onion powder, citric acid, tomato powder, paprika extract [color], lactic acid, organic skim milk), rice flour, potato starch.






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buffalo ranch

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