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cheddar "cheese"

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Why go with alternative snacks when you can elect the only chip that can fix literally everything that’s wrong with snacks? People say that 11 out of 10 Russian snackers prefer this flavor because it tastes really, really, really, very good. It’s the best snack. There’s no snack that tastes better. Patriot Puffs are perfect for frequent golf trips and early morning Twitter rants, and even better if you get someone else to pay for it! Let’s make America snack again!

Check ch.png 580060518832e4c8d989a1130cd71866 yuge flavor!
Check ch.png 580060518832e4c8d989a1130cd71866 tremendous crunch!
Check ch.png 580060518832e4c8d989a1130cd71866 puffed with hot air
Check ch.png 580060518832e4c8d989a1130cd71866 45% less than promised
Check ch.png 580060518832e4c8d989a1130cd71866 glutton free
Check ch.png 580060518832e4c8d989a1130cd71866 36% of snackers approve this flavor

available sizes

Size 5
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cheddar "cheese"

real ingredients

- so healthy you won't need healthcare.
- all the nutrition a grown man-baby needs.
- a false sense of entitlement in every bite! 

kale & garbanzo beans.


so many chips, you're not going to believe it! 

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Cheddar wedge 1.png.png fe24c06aeaeaacac88698f2b0c1422c7 Always fake.png 67d68b8644e4004291d081ff545b9bee
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cheddar "cheese"

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