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chili cheese

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simmering and savory, chili is hot, hearty comfort food, but it’s hard to carry a bowl around for a snack. here’s our solution: dig in to the authentic taste of spicy chili and sharp cheddar in a chip, popped to maximum crunch – you won’t even need a spoon.

Check chili.png 323d1495eeb01bc5660db85be70bf504 no added preservatives
Check chili.png 323d1495eeb01bc5660db85be70bf504 no artificial flavors
Check chili.png 323d1495eeb01bc5660db85be70bf504 no synthetic colors
Check chili.png 323d1495eeb01bc5660db85be70bf504 no cholesterol
Check chili.png 323d1495eeb01bc5660db85be70bf504 0 grams trans fat
Check chili.png 323d1495eeb01bc5660db85be70bf504 gluten free
Check chili.png 323d1495eeb01bc5660db85be70bf504 kosher dairy

available sizes

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Size 35
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chili cheese

real ingredients

come explore the mini mountains of flavor on our boldly original popchips ridges. with every crunchy bite, you’ll find it harder to stop, and why should you?


dried potato, sunflower, safflower, and/or canola oil, rice flour, seasoning (whey, salt, spices, sugar, garlic powder, maltodextrin, tomato powder, cheddar cheese [milk, salt, cheese cultures, enzymes], natural flavors [pasteurized cow’s milk, cultures, salt, and enzymes], onion powder, buttermilk, yeast extract, citric acid, paprika extract [color], annatto extract [color] lactic acid), potato starch.



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chili cheese

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