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illustration of 2 aged white cheddar blocks

aged white cheddar


every fan in the galaxy knows to reach for the most impressive snack. we found a new way to use heat to pop this light and airy snack into your favorite Star Wars shapes. and if your eyes don't deceive you, you may even find the secret shape! but don't worry, we'd never tell you the odds.

blue check mark no added preservatives
blue check mark no artificial flavors
blue check mark no synthetic colors
blue check mark no cholesterol
blue check mark 0 grams trans fat
blue check mark gluten free

available sizes

gray bag
gray bag
4oz bag of aged white cheddar popchips galaxy puffs
image of 2 bags of galaxy puffs against a galaxy background text reads " take your snacking into hyperspace!"
illustration of 2 aged white cheddar blocks

aged white cheddar

real ingredients

galaxy puffs are the perfect on-the-go snack for fans of any age. they are deliciously non-gmo, gluten free, and made with real cheese! 


potato starch, corn flour, sunflower and/or safflower oil, seasoning (maltodextrin, organic cheddar cheese [{organic milk, cultures, salt, enzymes}, disodium phosphate], organic buttermilk, natural flavors, salt, lactic acid, yeast extract, organic skim milk), rice flour, salt.



image shows product ingredients, including a potato, a corn on the cob and aged white cheddar cheese
image of aged white cheddar with 4 popchips galaxy puffs shapes text reads "fun to eat shapes"
illustration of 2 aged white cheddar blocks

aged white cheddar

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nutritional facts 1oz bag popchips galaxy puffs.about 53 pieces.130 calories.total fat 5g.saturated fat 1g.trans fat 0g.polyunsaturated fat 0g.monosaturated fat 4g.cholesterol 0mg.sodium 220mg.total carbohydrates 19g.fiber 0g.total sugars 1g.protein 1g.

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