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illustration of a peanut butter jar

peanut butter


popchips has gone nuts. peanuts. we’ve taken everything you love about peanut butter and packed it into one perfectly snackable puff. peanut butter nutter puffs are a symphony of salty-sweet memories born from our shared love for this seductive spread. now that’s #peanutbetter.

brown check mark 5g protein per serving
brown check mark non-gmo
brown check mark gluten free
brown check mark vegan
brown check mark kosher dairy

available sizes

gray bag
4oz bag of peanut butter nutter puffs - front bag
image of peanut butter in a bowl surrounded by peanuts text reads "all swoon. no spoon"
illustration of a peanut butter jar

peanut butter

real ingredients

all swoon. no spoon.


peanut butter (peanuts, cane sugar, salt), yellow corn (degermed), peanut flour.




processed in a facility that also uses milk, soy and tree nuts.
product ingredients visual includes peanut butter in small bowl and a corn on the cob
close up image of peanut butter spread text reads "peanut butter perfected"
illustration of a peanut butter jar

peanut butter

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nutritional facts for 1oz bags of nutter puffs. about 27 pieces. 130 calories. total fat, 7grams. saturated fat, 1g. cholesterol, 0mg. sodium,80mg. total carbohydrates, 14g. dietary fiber, 2g. total sugars, 2g - includes 1g added sugars. protein, 5g.

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