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tangy barbeque

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sweet and smoky with a touch of spice – these chips aren’t right off the grill, but they taste like they are! popped until they’re incredibly crunchy, ridges give you the irresistible taste of true BBQ, with no grease left on your fingers, and no moist towelette required.

Check bbq.png 34229eb41dfb1cdc3c7653ce0889c135 no added preservatives
Check bbq.png 34229eb41dfb1cdc3c7653ce0889c135 no artificial flavors
Check bbq.png 34229eb41dfb1cdc3c7653ce0889c135 no synthetic colors
Check bbq.png 34229eb41dfb1cdc3c7653ce0889c135 no cholesterol
Check bbq.png 34229eb41dfb1cdc3c7653ce0889c135 0 grams trans fat
Check bbq.png 34229eb41dfb1cdc3c7653ce0889c135 gluten free
Check bbq.png 34229eb41dfb1cdc3c7653ce0889c135 kosher dairy

available sizes

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Size 35
Size 5
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tangy barbeque

real ingredients

come explore the mini mountains of flavor on our boldly original popchips ridges. with every crunchy bite, you’ll find it harder to stop, and why should you?


dried potato, sunflower, safflower, and/or canola oil, seasoning (sugar, whey powder, salt, onion and garlic powder, torula yeast, brown sugar, tomato powder, yeast extract, spices, natural flavours, natural smoke flavor, citric acid, paprika extract [color], paprika), rice flour, potato starch



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tangy barbeque

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